Anime Fans: Exploring Anime at the Embassy of Japan in Washington, DC

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Are you a fan of Japanese culture and art? If you live in Washington, DC or are planning on visiting, you’re in luck. Anime fans in DC get amazing access to events, screenings, and exhibitions at the Embassy of Japan’s Cultural Center. 

Japan has a rich artistic culture that is cherished around the globe. Anime speaks to people from every walk of life with its inspirational, relatable themes and phenomenal artwork. 

With unrivaled access to some of Japan’s most impressive anime, visiting the Japan Cultural Center in DC is a paradise for anime fans. You don’t have to already be an expert to enjoy the cultural offerings here, though. Visiting the Center is a fantastic way to learn more about this complex and fascinating culture. 

If you’d like to know more about what the Japanese embassy offers, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to discover everything you can see and do in the anime world right in the heart of DC. 

Enjoy Anime Movies

The Japan Information & Culture Center (JICC), in conjunction with the Embassy of Japan in DC, frequently screens renowned anime movies for the public. This exceptional opportunity to see anime movies is ideal for fans but also those who’ve never seen anime before. 

The JICC also has an ongoing program called “Women in Cinema“, which focuses on movies with strong female collaboration. From female directors and producers to actors and writers, these talented Japanese women are celebrated in this film series. 

The diversity of movies showing at the JICC means that there’s always something for everyone and it’s a perfect introduction to Japanese film. 

What makes these movies even better is that screenings are free. The JICC aims to make access to Japanese culture accessible for everybody so you won’t need to add these screenings to your budget.  

Understand How Japanese Culture Impacts the Arts

Anime fans will get so much more out of the JICC than just watching anime movies and visiting the exhibitions. Japanese art forms like anime are inspired by the nation’s history and wider culture. 

By taking the time to get involved with the JICC and its events, you’ll learn about the history and culture behind the anime. 

While instantly recognizable, many people aren’t sure what anime actually is. The word “anime” simply means Japanese animation. It’s often created using computers but can also feature hand drawings. 

History of Anime

Anime has its roots in the early 1900s and grew increasingly popular from the 1970s onwards. While animation was becoming popular all over the world thanks to Disney, anime is stylistically very different. 

Anime has many subgenres, making it an amazingly complex art form. Astro Boy, an anime television series in the 1960s, helped inspire future animators to feature robots and space in their themes, creating more subgenres of anime. 

Music is also an integral part of anime, becoming a whole genre of music itself. Early anime featured children’s choirs and developed into Japanese singers focusing on the anime style. 

When you visit the JICC and begin learning about different parts of Japanese culture, your understanding of anime movies and series will be deepened. Japan has many unique traditions that come from deep within its history and appear in anime often. 

Take Part in Japanese Cultural Events

The JICC seeks to enhance the understanding of Japanese culture across the capital and provides an amazing cultural program of interactive events. As anime is an important part of modern Japanese culture, by taking the time to explore Japanese heritage as a whole, you’ll gain a much greater appreciation of the nation and anime. 

Through their educational program, you can experience a wide range of activities. Ever wanted to try your hand at the traditional Japanese art of origami? How about discovering the intricacies of Japanese dolls?

From presentations and quizzes to basic language classes and business etiquette, when you visit the JICC, you’ll learn from the experts.  

Take a Date

You don’t have to take part in the JICC’s events alone, why not bring a date along? Thinking up amazing date ideas in DC can be tricky so if you’re looking for an original venue, the JICC is a fantastic option. 

Both cultural and fun, it beats going to yet another park or bar any day. 

Broaden Your Cultural Horizons

Anime fans will fall in love with the JICC as it’s a welcoming center eager to teach visitors about the culture of Japan and anime.

Even if you have little experience of Japanese animations, gaining a greater understanding of Japanese culture as a whole will help broaden your cultural horizons. 

We have many Japanese influences that we take for granted. From lunchtime sushi to Karaoke, parts of Japanese culture have become commonplace in the USA. The JICC events, exhibitions, and screenings give you an opportunity to find out more about this beautiful nation across the Pacific. 

How to Visit the Japanese Information & Culture Center

If you think you need to head out to the Embassy of Japan, don’t worry. The JICC is in the heart of DC and a separate building to the embassy itself. You’ll find it on the edge of Dupont Circle and Downtown, near plenty of cafes, restaurants, and other attractions. 

You can find the JICC at:

1150 18th Street NW

Washington, DC

Finding JICC Events

The JICC’s calendar lists many of their upcoming screenings, education programs, and events but not all. It’s best to search for the JICC on EventBrite as the center uses the site to list events. 

Tickets for JICC Events

From movie screenings to art exhibitions and educational programs, the JICC provides free events open to members of the public. Some events may need a reservation to ensure your space so it’s best to contact the JICC directly when you choose an event you’d like to attend. 

The Embassy of Japan’s Cultural Center Is a Hub for Anime Fans

Anime fans living in or visiting DC will find themselves in heaven at the Embassy of Japan’s Cultural Center. Dedicated to teaching visitors about the culture of Japan, it’s easier than ever to see screenings of anime films and learn about the background. 

When you explore Japan’s wider history, you’ll gain a greater understanding of your favorite anime movies and view them in a new light. This huge part of modern Japanese culture has its inspiration firmly in the country’s traditions, so by engaging with the exhibitions at the JICC, you’ll understand anime shows better. 

If you love getting to know cultures, check out our guide to DC’s memorials and monuments. The capital city itself has a fascinating culture, loved by visitors and cherished by residents. 

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