4 Fun At Home Date Night Ideas

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Balancing your schedule can sometimes seem impossible, even when it’s filled with things you enjoy. Making time for work, family, friends, health, pets, downtime, and dates with a significant other can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be!

Rather than stressing about planning the perfect outing with your partner — which could easily get derailed by weather, traffic, or other constraints — why not plan an at home date night? There are plenty of romantic date night plans you can enjoy together without ever leaving your living room. Best of all, these ideas can be adapted no matter the time of year, health or social restrictions, or other unforeseeable circumstances, meaning you’ll always have a few at the ready should the need arise.

Here are a few of our favorite at home date night ideas and what you’ll need to make them happen, plus ways to ensure your neighbors aren’t inconvenienced in the process.

1. Cook together

At Home Date Night

The most important part of any at home date night is spending time together, and you’re both likely juggling a lot in your daily lives. Slow down as a pair and hop into the kitchen, either trying a new recipe or using a meal prep kit you can pick up at a local grocery store. Baking or cooking is a great way to bond over shared interests, and keeping the process seamless is relatively simple:

  • Have all the ingredients you need in advance or be sure to pick them up on your route home.
  • Share the chopping and cooking duties.
  • Listen to your favorite music or something instrumental.
  • Dim the lights.
  • Have a glass of wine or other spirits.
  • Bond over an immersive experience with one another.

Not much of a cook? Order from a local restaurant and share the task of unboxing the delicious items onto real plates (rather than eating from the to-go cartons). Many restaurants offer free delivery, providing a wonderful way to try new offerings while stimulating the local economy.

2. Cuddle up for movie night

couples movie night

Plan a movie marathon, to binge a favorite show, or try something new to connect and relax. Most streaming services feature a wide variety of content from familiar classics to all-new movies and shows, so you are sure to find a go-to option to satisfy regardless of whether you prefer drama, comedy, or romance. A few suggestions:

  • Put the phones away for a while to keep your focus on each other and the movies.
  • Have popcorn and movie snacks — a mix of healthy and fun options — at the ready.
  • Grab some fluffy pillows and a warm blanket to get extra comfortable.
  • Use a strand of holiday lights or other ambient lighting.
  • Open a bottle of wine or other beverage for added atmosphere.
  • For extra ambience, consider creating a blanket fort or fun space for unique date night fun.

Pro tip: Pick out the movie or series in advance of your home date night so you don’t have to spend too long trying to narrow down the selection. The endless scrolling process can detract from the romance.

3. Relax with a spa night

An at-home spa experience is a great at home date night idea even if your significant other would never consider a traditional spa to be their dream trip. Soothing aromatherapy blends, warm towels, and relaxing sounds of tranquil music make spa treatments great for unwinding and connecting with your significant other. A few essentials include:

  • Massage oil
  • Lotion
  • Face masks
  • Essential oils
  • Soothing music
  • Ambient lighting

Take turns giving each other massages and applying face masks, then sip on a glass of wine or relax in a bubble bath for an endorphin booster. Pro tip: Plan ahead and combine a spa theme with other date night ideas, enabling you to have dinner together or cuddle up with a movie before or after the relaxation step occurs.

4. Game night, anyone?

couples game night

Whether you love video games, board games, or card games, try getting back to the basics of your relationship with game nights. Consider two-person options you can play against each other — including driving games like Mario Kart, the card game War, or more physical options such as Twister — or things you can accomplish together, like a karaoke night. Whatever your favorite type, the spirit of competition or collaboration will make the event great for you and your partner to enjoy an at home date night together.

Pro tip: Take your evening to the next level by ordering from a local cocktail delivery service. From wine tasting to all the ingredients for a classic cocktail like a mule or margarita, these options allow you to support some nearby businesses without leaving the comfort of your house.

Keeping Your At-Home Date Apartment-Friendly

There is a lot of excitement involved in planning an at home date night, but there are also a few important items to consider so your neighbors aren’t inconvenienced. Here are a few tips for inspiration to keep your fellow apartment dwellers happy the next time you plan a stay-at-home date:

  • Be aware of noise.

It might be tempting to turn the music or movie up to embrace your at-home entertainment, but it is important to remember that your neighbors might be able to hear you. Keep the music at a reasonable volume, minimize loud noises such as singing or banging, and enjoy your evening while still keeping everyone around you happy.

  • Use electric candles.

Whether you are sitting down for a delicious bowl of ice cream or chilling with a video game, candles can take your romantic date to the next level. Those that utilize flame can be a hazard, though, and many apartment complexes either prefer you don’t use them or outright ban them. Consider some electric or flameless candles to up your ambiance while being sure your home — and those of the people around you — remain safe from fire risks.

  • Keep dancing and jumping to a minimum.

Be sure to tread lightly if you feel like turning on the karaoke machine or dusting off your copy of Dance Dance Revolution during your date night at home, as the neighbors who live beneath you might not want to hear just how much fun you are having. Keep the time in mind, too: Day dates are much more conducive to dancing, jumping, and other noise-making activities than, say, 11 p.m. date nights.

  • Share treats with your neighbors.

If you decide to whip up some homemade treats during your stay-at-home date, consider sharing with your neighbors! A small container of cookies or other delicious delicacy can be a great way to forge bonds with those who live in the same building and can also be a lot of fun.

Find the Perfect Place to Call Home

Always remember that the best dates are those enjoyed with people you love, regardless of whether they involve ideas that take you to far-flung places or happen as home date night options. Make the most of your busy schedule — or just opt to enjoy being in a space you love — with any one of these ideas. Everyone loves the option to spend time together in a chill and inviting, stress-free space.If you are looking for an apartment in the greater D.C. area, contact our team today! Our experts can help answer your questions about available apartment homes and our beautiful communities throughout the region.

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