6 Strange and Unusual Attractions in Washington DC

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The Strange, Bizarre, and Uncommon Sights of DC

Washington D.C. is a city filled with a rich history and unusual sites that define our spike and charisma as a Nation. Whether you live in the city, are visiting from out of town, or are just intrigued by the places bound to our nation’s roots stay tuned, we are going to explore the strange and unusual attractions in Washington DC!

The strange and unusual can create quite the allure, so sit back and relax before you decide to stroll down the unbeaten path. We are going to explore the curious, wakey and just plain ghastly features in our Nation’s Capital.

This is the final showdown, and it’s a steep one. If you are a horror movie fanatic then you will remember the final scene of the 1976 film The Exorcist. In the scene, Father Karras takes on a demon and falls down all 97 steps of this intense staircase located in Washington D.C.

You can actually find the staircase in Georgetown on  36TH St Nw And M St NW, right next to a gas station. We invite you to climb the 97 steps in times of trouble, create a daily workout routine to kill off the demons we like to call calories. And/ or use this epic pop culture landmark as your next break-up spot for shocking results.

There are strange pieces of history tucked into the nooks and crannies of Rock Creek Park. The Mount Zion Cemetery was closed in the 1950s and now its remains are covered in vines, branches, and vegetation nearby Dupont Circle.

Among the hills and vegetation, you will find one of many African American underground railroad way-stations. This was the perfect spot because no one thought to search among the dead. If you do happen upon the 64 square foot structure which helped slaves along their path to freedom, commemorate it for the lives it saved.

The Riggs Library is a middling historical source and one of the last remaining cast-iron libraries in the nation. This building was constructed in the late 1800s by Paul J. Plez, that same architect that drafted up designs for the Library of Congress.

This incredible source of knowledge is filled with historical texts, four cast-iron staircases, and an abundance of old books from the mid 18th century. It is located in the Georgetown University library, and it is not technically open to the public. We do however suggest trying to book an appointment to explore its glorious shelves.

Apparently, someone in Washington DC really loves barbie. So much so that there is a devotional pond that has been created as an alternate barbie universe on Q Street NW. The Curator of this anonymous pond likes to put Barbie in all types of political situations, marriages, and dance parties. Look out for statements from Barbie during election time, Cinco De Mayo, Halloween, and all the cool events in between this attraction in DC has got to be seen. You can check out the Barbie Pond on Instagram, leave a letter at the door about your feelings like many other D.C. residents, or just allow the art to mystify and amuse you as you pass by.

Next up we are headed to the place of Lincoln’s death. Inside the death place of our 16th president lies a 34ft tall monument of books dedicated to the life and times of President Lincoln. The ink and minds over the face of time have created over 15,000 writings about this president that sadly perished by gunshot on April 14th, 1865.

This peculiar monument is made from fireproof bent aluminum. Each book was hand-painted with great care, to make this monument look ultra-realistic. After climbing the staircase you can find some of the titles written on the epic piece of artwork for sale in the Peterson House. Its great commemoration reminds the passerby of the importance of reading the stories of our great nation.Peterson House

One of our favorite attractions in DC is on the second floor of the American History Museum. There lies a scandal of sorts that rocked the capital, and exasperated boats, landmarks, and viewers in the Nation’s Capital for a time. The statue of George Washington was modeled after Zeus and features our first president in a semi-nude state, sandals, a toga, his right hand reaching into the sky, and left hand cradling a sword. It is quite a vision that Horatio Greenough created in Italy and finished in 1840. Americans were put into a sense of shock when the 12-ton statue arrived onshore. At the time Americans respected conservative attire, and despite its immense weight, this scandalous statue has been shifted around the capital various times throughout history. Go check out Washington’s bod this weekend and remember its topless nature in commemoration of the inscribed quote: “First in War. First in Peace. First in the hearts of his countrymen.” -Topless Washington

Explore the Bizarre Attractions in Washington DC

Exploring the bizarre crevices of your Nation’s Capital is a fun way to spend your day, take your partner on a date, or post your next great Instagram story.

The places that have built our Washington D.C.’s history and continue to make it the hippest, happening center of the world give way to the drastic changes that continue to take place over time.

So go explore pop culture at the stairways of the Hollywood hit horror movie The Exorcist, or delve into the underground railroad passageways hidden in Washington D.C.’s nature reserves.

Next dig deep into the crevices of the Nation’s libraries of old at Georgetown University, then hit up the Barbie pong for some adult humor and D.C. neighborhood art.

Lastly, probe the unique monuments of two of the most famous presidents in American history: Abraham Lincoln and George Washington! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for all the latest news about events and strange happenings in your D.C. neighborhood!

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