Guide to the Best Dog Parks in D.C.

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Best Dog Parks in D.C.

Living in an apartment in the city can present unique challenges for dog owners, but there are several dog parks Washington, D.C. that are perfect for your pet to have fun and get some exercise. Living and working in the city also means your schedule is probably quite full, and having a dog park close to home makes it easier to make sure your dog gets enough exercise.   

Dogs need to run around outside to be happy and healthy, and many owners enjoy socializing with other pet parents. Dogs are welcome in most of communities, and each of our pet-friendly buildings is located near at least one dog park where you can let your pet off the leash and get to know other owners from around your neighborhood. 

Whether you’re new to the Washington, D.C. area or just looking for a new spot to take your favorite furry friend, this guide can help you choose a new dog park based on location, dog’s size, or other preferences. Here are our top picks for the best dog parks in our neighborhoods! 

Best Dog Parks Near Our Properties

Our communities are located in a variety of Washington, D.C.’s most popular neighborhoods, and these nearby parks help make our apartments the perfect home for your furry family members. Here are several of the city’s top dog parks that are conveniently located near at least one of our communities.

The Dupont Circle Neighborhood

Dog Parks

Nearby communities:


    S Street Dog Park

    The S Street Dog Park is made with artificial turf instead of natural grass, which makes it a top choice for owners who are searching for ways to keep their dogs clean while playing outside. This park also provides small plastic pools to keep your dog cool on hot days, balls to play with, and high-quality double gates so you can be sure your dog is safe while having a good time. It is one of the smaller dog parks in town, though, which makes it a better choice for smaller to medium-sized breeds than especially large dogs.  

    The Cleveland Park Neighborhood

    Dog Parks in D.C.

    Nearby communities:


      Residents of these communities have a variety of nearby dog parks to choose from. Mixing it up and becoming a regular at several parks also provides more space for your dog to explore!

      Rosedale Conservancy Gate Dog Park

      The Rosedale Conservancy is a scenic park that is a favorite among neighborhood dog owners. This “urban oasis” features an aesthetic landscape and a variety of events. Dogs must be registered to enter, however, and the park prefers that only owners within the Cleveland Park neighborhood bring dogs to the park. 

      Newark Street Dog Park

      The Newark Street Dog Park includes separate play areas for large and small dogs. The park also recommends that dogs who are new to dog parks or not used to being around other dogs start by using the smaller area. Other amenities include tennis balls, benches, shade, fresh water, and bowls to make visiting enjoyable for both dogs and owners.   

      The Logan Circle Neighborhood

      Nearby communities:


        Shaw Dog Park

        The Shaw Dog Park is Washington, D.C.’s first official dog park. It is a large park that is divided into separate spaces for large and small dogs, and the smaller enclosure also provides a safer area for older and less-energetic dogs. Although it is currently being renovated, it is a favorite among many Washington, D.C. dog owners. The Shaw Dog Park is currently asking owners to limit the park’s capacity to 10 people in an effort to maintain social distancing.  

        The Columbia Heights Neighborhood

        Dog Parks D.C.

        Nearby communities:


          Columbia Heights Dog Park 

          The Columbia Heights Dog Park, also known as 11th & Bark, is one of the city’s newest official dog parks. This park provides a simple, fenced-in space for dogs to mingle, but owners should plan to bring balls, toys, water, and anything else your pup might need to have a good time.  

          The Upper 16th and Crestwood Neighborhood

          Nearby communities:


            Upshur Dog Park

            The Upshur Dog Park is one of Washington, D.C.’s largest dog parks. This park has a mostly gravel surface and a double gate, and balls and fresh water are provided.

            We Love Pets!

            pet friendly apartments in DC

            We know that your pets are part of your family. Here are a few facts about our pet policy:


                • Dogs, cats, and rabbits are welcome in most of our 18 buildings, while a few only accept cats and rabbits. 

                • Service/support animals are always welcome at all communities. 


                  • We do have a maximum weight limit of 75 pounds, and have breed restrictions so please check in with the management team should you have questions.  

                  • We allow up to two pets in each apartment. 

                  • The proximity of our buildings to a variety of large and small dog parks makes our apartments the perfect choice for dog owners in the Washington, D.C. area. 

                Being located near spaces for your dog to get some exercise and have fun outdoors makes life easier for any pet owner — especially at the end of a busy day — and the right dog park can become an extension of home for your four-footed family members. We are proud to be among the most pet-friendly properties in town, so contact our team today to learn more about our pet policy or to schedule a tour of any of our beautiful and amenity-filled properties. 

                We can’t wait to welcome your family–including members with four legs–to your new home!

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