6 Two-Wheelin’ Rental Options for Getting Around D.C. on a Bike, Scooter or Moped

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Washington, D.C. is a great place to live, work, and explore at any time of year, but being able to traverse the nation’s capital on two wheels while feeling the sun on your face is special. If you’ve been looking to rent bikes, scooters, or mopeds to get around the city, this guide is for you. Each of these rental options is conveniently located near our apartment community, too, meaning you’ll be on your way to your next adventure in no time.

Must-Know D.C. Rules for Bike, Scooter, and Moped Rentals

Every area has its own rules and regulations for renting two-wheeled transportation, and D.C. is no exception. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you plan your excursions:

  • There were 6,000-plus “dockless vehicles” in D.C. as of October 2019.
  • There are rules about parking them on sidewalks, so it’s important to adhere to the five-foot “clear zone” requirements established by the Department of Transportation.
  • Some rental establishments allow you to come in in-person to rent your bikes, scooters, or mopeds, but many reservations can be handled online or through an app.
  • Mopeds may not be used on bridges, highways, or D.C. sidewalks, but may be used on other roads.
  • You’ll want to make sure your belongings can be secured in a backpack or easily placed in a basket to avoid losing anything valuable as you travel.

Please also note that the information provided in this blog post serves as a guide to local rentals only. It is important to follow all pedestrian and rider laws, plus adhere to safety precautions — such as wearing a helmet and/or other protective gear required by the rental companies — at all times while riding a bike, scooter, or moped. 

The Best D.C.-Area Bike Rental Options

Washington Bike Rental

There are plenty of ways to get around D.C., but some travelers prefer a little exercise as they make their way to their destinations. If you enjoy a good pedal, the following bike rental options may be perfect for you.

Capital Bikeshare

Offering single trips priced for $2 per 30 minutes or $8 24-hour passes, Capital Bikeshare is a great option for those who enjoy biking from time to time. The company offers 4,500 bikes from more than 500 docking stations across seven communities in Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. — including in Cathedral Heights, Cleveland Park, and nearly every popular neighborhood in D.C. Simply join as a member, purchase your pass, unlock your bike, and enjoy the ride. You can return your Capital Bikeshare bike to any of its stations, and frequent riders can become annual members for even more affordable experiences. 

Bike and Roll 

D.C. area residents and visitors of all ages enjoy renting from Bike and Roll, which offers two locations — on the National Mall and in Alexandria — for convenient bike rentals. The company offers Trek brand rental bicycles that are maintained by an in-house team of mechanics to ensure your ride is as smooth as possible. Rentals include helmets, maps, tire changing kits, bike locks, plus rack and handlebar bags to make storing your personal items a breeze. Renters can select from performance, electric, tandem, and kids’ bikes, plus rent trailer tandems or trailers for smaller children. The National Mall location is just a short drive from the community in Dupont Circle.

Great Local Scooter Rental Companies

scooter rental

For those who would rather take on D.C. by scooter, you’re in luck: the city has many from which to choose, with dockless scooters parked throughout its most popular neighborhoods


If you’re looking for convenient dockless scooter rentals, Bolt‘s D.C. fleet might be for you. The company requires that helmets be worn while operating its scooters, and recommends checking your brakes before heading out. Operations are as simple as stepping on with one foot, pushing off with the other, and using the throttle to pick up speed. Bolt’s scooters can be found throughout D.C., including in neighborhoods like Van Ness and Woodley Park. Use its app to locate the rentable scooters closest to you.


Riders looking for a scooter rental that keeps sustainability at its core may want to check out Bird. The company promotes the ability to avoid traffic and cut back on CO2 emissions, and offers a map in its app to help you find the nearest available scooter. Renters have the option to reserve nearby scooters up to 30 minutes in advance, as well, meaning you’ll always have access to the ride you need when you need it. Bird scooters can be found throughout D.C., including in neighborhoods like Foggy Bottom, Georgetown, and Columbia Heights. Check the app for exact locations.

Moped Share Firms Serving D.C.

moped rental

Looking for a more robust ride as you get around the D.C. area? Mopeds allow you to traverse the same types of routes you would normally take on a bike or scooter, but avoid traffic and pick up a little more speed. Here are some great options for moped rentals.


Easily identifiable by its bright green coloring, Lime offers a selection of scooters, bikes, and mopeds available for rental throughout the D.C. area. Its mopeds feature oversized wheels and lower seat height for improved center of gravity, user friendly controls, a stow and go storage compartment, a top speed of 28 mph, and an 87 mile range. Use the company’s app to find the moped nearest you, including in popular neighborhoods like Mount Pleasant and Thomas Circle.


One of the first moped companies to launch in the D.C. area, Revel provides moped rental options you can unlock from your phone. You can find and reserve available mopeds through the company’s app, and the 100 percent electric transportation option can make it up to 30 mph. The app will help you find the nearest Revel moped no matter which neighborhood you’re in, from downtown to the Upper 16th NW corridor.

Make Your Home in the D.C. Area

Being able to get around D.C. on two wheels is even easier when you live in the area. Finding the perfect apartment community to call home can make all the difference! If you’re looking for a great place to rent that offers upscale amenities in renovated historic buildings, contact our team today

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