Our Favorite Ways to Celebrate Halloween at Home

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Halloween is one of our favorite days of the year. The weather is crisp, the leaves are gorgeous, and spirits are high. We get to eat our favorite candy and we can roam the streets dressed however we like and no one will think twice about our style choice. It’s a liberating, fun, creative day that we love to celebrate with a playful spirit.

Trick-or-treating, or going to a big Halloween bash, or costume party can be fun—but when Halloween falls on a weekday—sometimes you just want to celebrate at home. That’s why we’re sharing our favorite ways to celebrate Halloween at home in case—this year—you just want to stay in. 

Snuggle Up in Your Halloween PJ’s 

Don’t feel like dressing up in a Halloween costume this year but still want to feel that Halloween spirit? If you’re planning on spending Halloween at home this year, why not plan a cozy evening snuggled up in your favorite Halloween pajamas? 

There are so many cute Halloween themed PJ’s out right now. From ghosts, skeletons, and goblins, to your favorite adorable Halloween characters and jack-o-lanterns, there’s something for everyone when it comes to Halloween pajamas. 

You can find gender-neutral options that are perfect for couples who want to get that Instagram matching-Halloween-jammies shot. 

Hocus Pocus Theme Night

Celebrate Halloween at Home

With the new release of Hocus Pocus 2, this Halloween is the perfect time to have a Hocus Pocus Theme Night. Invite a few of your closest friends to enjoy some festive cocktails and hor d’oeuvres. Witch costumes optional! 

Head over to Pinterest to find your favorite witches brew recipes and Hocus Pocus themed appetizers. We love all the Spooky Sangria and Running Amuck cocktail recipes we spied as well as the fun Sanderson Sisters charcuterie boards. 

Whether you decide to sit and watch the Sanderson Sisters return to Salem, or have it playing in the background while you catch up with the girls—the Hocus Pocus movies fit the bill if you want to have a fun Halloween night at home. 

Make Spooky Dinner Food

Are you planning on spending a quiet Halloween at home with your loved one? There’s no reason you can’t still get in on the scary fun by whipping up some spooky dinner food.

Let your imagination run wild and create your favorite foods with a spooky twist. Halloween themed food is so fun to create and even more fun to eat! 

Whether you choose to do gross gory foods like severed fingers in a bun (hot dogs with nail beds carved out served with ketchup blood), more of a cute Halloween dinner food like a ghost shaped pizza, or something that requires a little more work like stuffed pepper jack-o-lanterns, let your creativity go wild. It’s amazing what you can create with food!

Set Up an Apothecary Cocktail Bar

There’s something special about having a little cocktail bar set up in your apartment. If you live in a smaller space, it’s easy to set up an Apothecary Cocktail Bar for Halloween on your counter, table, or bar cart. 

Summon your inner alchemist and create your very own signature halloween cocktail. Set up an apothecary cocktail bar by gathering the barware, liquor, and mixers you’ll need to make your signature halloween cocktail and arrange them with an ice bucket and any fresh fruit or simple syrups you’ll need to create your signature Halloween cocktail. 

Alternatively you can add a small variety of liquor, mixers, and herbal infused simple syrups so your guests can create their own concoctions. Don’t forget to add something spooky like cherry juice or grenadine for a bloody twist. 

Items You May Want to Include on Your Apothecary Cocktail Bar:

  • Cocktail glasses, highball glasses, martini glasses
  • Muddle to muddle fruit (we love blackberries and cherries for Halloween drinks)
  • Bar spoon for mixing
  • Cocktail shaker
  • Ice bucket
  • Simple syrups infused with herbs

Some of Our Favorite Halloween Cocktails Include:

  • Blood Orange Margaritas
  • Apple Cider Sangria
  • Pumpkin Spice Martini
  • Blackberry Bourbon Smash

Scary Movies in the Dark

Watching scary movies in the dark is a classic way to spend Halloween at home. Whether you choose a slasher film, monster movie, or a psychological thriller—you’re sure to have a spooktacular time spending your Halloween evening snuggled up in front of your favorite horror film. 

So turn the lights down low, grab some popcorn and your favorite Halloween candy—and maybe throw on those cute Halloween PJ’s—and settle in for scary movies in the dark. 

Dark & Moody Vibes Playlist

We love a good playlist. Music has the power to set the tone of an evening. Maybe you’re not feeling up for scary movies. Maybe your perfect Halloween at home is relaxing on the couch with a dark & moody playlist to create all the Halloween vibes you need this year. 

Whether you chill in your Halloween PJ’s, put on a costume, or throw on your favorite fall sweater—a great playlist will set the tone for the perfect night in. 

Songs on Our Dark & Moody Vibes Playlist for Halloween:

  • Deep Purple—Smoke on the Water 
  • Fleetwood Mac—Sisters of the Moon
  • Mazzy Star—Fade Into You
  • Jeff Bukley—Witches’ Rave
  • Prince—Purple Rain
  • Siouxsie and The Banshees—Spellbound
  • Nick Drake—Pink Moon
  • Cat Power—Werewolf
  • Rasputina—Transylvanian Concubine

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