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Washington, D.C. is a great place to live and work, with countless opportunities to explore the nation’s history, immerse yourself in culture, try new cuisines and hobbies, and enjoy sporting events and festivals celebrating a wide range of topics. It also provides advancement in your career path, networking efforts, and more, helping you achieve your work dreams. 

If you’re ready to get started in a new career, or have gotten to a place in your current path where you need additional education — such as an associates degree or professional certificate — a local community college might be the perfect place. This guide will offer a quick look at some of the best options in the greater D.C. area.

What to Look for in a Community College

Choosing an educational institution for your learning or career goals might seem overwhelming, but there are a few things to keep in mind while making this decision:

  • You want to choose a campus or learning option that will be convenient to your home or work to make traveling to class as easy as possible.
  • Some institutions offer hybrid learning with both online and in-person options, but you’ll want to look into that before signing up for class.
  • Each community college offers different programs, so it’s important to peruse the full course catalog before selecting the one for you.

An advisor can help you decide which courses will be the most impactful on your career. Every educational institution has advisors on staff to answer queries about their classes and programs, so be sure to reach out and ask questions before enrolling. 

6 of the Most Popular D.C. Community Colleges

When you’re looking to further your education, community colleges offer great opportunities. That’s true whether you’re just starting out or need additional training for a role you currently hold. Here’s a quick look at some of the most popular, well-established D.C.-area community colleges, all of which are a short drive, public transportation trip, or walk from one of our communities.

University-District of Columbia Community College

Columbia University

Located within close proximity of Union Station, the University-District of Columbia Community College is an easy commute from nearly any area in and around D.C. — including the Thomas Circle neighborhood. The institution prides itself on “providing opportunities for students to obtain the prerequisite skills of today’s workforce and to prepare them for the demands of tomorrow.” It offers a long list of associates degrees in various disciplines, including architectural engineering technology, business administration, computer science technology, education, graphic design, law enforcement, mortuary science, music, and nursing.

Prince George’s Community College 

Prince George's Community College

There are several locations for Prince George’s Community College throughout greater Washington, D.C., making it easier than ever to achieve your educational goals. The northernmost is just steps from the Prince George’s Plaza subway station, meaning it is an easy commute from anywhere in the North D.C. area — including residents of Hyattsville, MD. PGCC offers courses across many fields, such as allied health and nursing, business, education, liberal and creative arts, public safety, technology, and the culinary arts.

Montgomery College

If you’re looking for a school with multiple locations that focuses on being “home to a richly diverse community,” Montgomery College might be the place for you. The school offers in-person classes at campuses in Germantown, Rockville, and Silver Spring, as well as workforce development and community engagement centers in Maryland. The Georgetown campus is a short walk from one of our apartment communities or an easy commute via the D.C. metro, making it a convenient place to further your education or achieve your career goals. Montgomery offers courses in accounting, anthropology, engineering science, entrepreneurship, film, geology, various languages, hospitality, management, nutrition, philosophy, scientific research, surgical technology, women’s studies, and many other disciplines. 

Tidewater Career School

Located just north of Logan Circle — and an easy drive or bus ride from Mount Pleasant, Columbia Heights, and Upper 16th NWTidewater Community College‘s Career School offers career training and community college programs for students at all levels. Whether you’re looking for additional education to further your career or skilled trades training to start a business, TCC may have the thing for you. The institution offers programs in advanced manufacturing, healthcare, IT and cybersecurity, construction, hospitality, maritime and transportation, and more.

Northern Virginia Community College

Northern Virginia Community College

Another community college with multiple locations, Northern Virginia Community College offers academic programs and workforce development classes across campuses throughout Northern Virginia. Available associates and certificate programs include accounting, justice, various languages, dental assisting and hygiene, early childhood development, graphic design, horticulture technology, information systems technology, music, nursing, personal training, and many more. Its locations are all a short drive or public transportation ride from downtown D.C.

If you’re having trouble finding the right community college to further your education, the American Association of Community Colleges can help. The organization’s website has a Community College Finder that allows you to search by location or program to find the perfect institution to fit your needs. There are many schools throughout greater D.C. that can be easily accessed by public transportation or a quick drive from work or home. 

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