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Every artist dreams of making it big. You dream of showing off your unique creations and sharing them with the world, feeling amazed at just how many people can relate to your work and find comfort in the things you make. Fortunately for you, Hyattsville, Maryland has some of the best locations to make those dreams come true in the Hyattsville Art District. Whether your skillset is in painting, drawing, writing, fashion, or even food – Hyattsville’s unique art district is home to some of Maryland’s finest artists. Modern-day design meets a classic day twist is only one of the many ways to describe this funky area.

Brief History Overview

Prince George’s county is known as the gateway arts district. Launched in the early 2000s and split between 4 communities, Hyattsville art district ties the area together. What was once filled with mom and pop shops, is now home to entertainment. The community has been revitalized and redesigned as an artist’s dream space to support living and working. The district is laid out in a two-mile corridor filled with corridors, galleries, coffee shops, and creative retail. The desire to merge Mount Rainier, Brentwood, North Brentwood, and Hyattsville has brought together what’s officially known as the Art District.

Go Exploring

There’s a great variety of attractions available in the Hyattsville Art District. The following are a few of the most popular spots:

Pyramid Atlantic Art Center

Locally owned, Pyramid Atlantic operates as a nonprofit art center. You can explore and learn about printmaking, papermaking, and a variety of book arts. Take workshops in seven different studios to learn or teach about things like bindery, letterpress, and more. The idea is to create an environment for collaboration across all forms and styles of art. Whether you’re renting out a room, hosting an event in the gallery, or looking to expand your knowledge on art history, there’s plenty of enjoyment to be found at Pyramid Atlantic. 

Vanadu Art House

In case you’ve ever looked at that pile of junk you’ve been collecting and wondered if it could be used for something else before throwing it away, well, Vanadu Art House beat you to it. The home is literally a mansion made of junk metal and scraps that would’ve gone to waste. However, Clarke Bedford had a different idea for all of those trinkets. Rather than filling a landfill with more waste, he decided to use his artistic abilities to create a dream home made of recycled metal. 

As you explore this peculiar location, maybe you’ll draw inspiration from some of the mosaics or strange looking statues. You’ll have a blast discovering some historical objects and want to come back just to try and soak in all of the different objects around the place. Vanadu truly gives a new definition to a ‘junkyard’. 

Busboys and Poets

You might need inspiration. You might need a casual place to hang out. Or, you might just be hungry. Busboys and Poets brings the artist to meet with great food and provides you with a great location to simply enjoy yourself. The eatery doubles as a bookstore and hosts everything from open mic-night to book clubs. When you visit, feel free to kick back with your latest read, sip on one of the homemade cocktails, and eat some delicious food. 

Artist & Craftsman Supply

Every artist needs a nifty location to grab some supplies and stock up on all of your art needs for moments when inspiration hits. Hyattsville art district has you covered. Artist & Craftsman is a small chain art store that provides you with everything you could need. Each location is unique, but you can shop supplies for painting, drawing, sculpting, crafting, printmaking, and more specialty items. What may be a growing franchise feels large when it comes to products. Stop by to pick up what you need and make friends with the staff. Who knows, you may just wind up being one of their featured artists. 

Frame Savvy

When you need something framed in a unique way, or you want a classy look to memorialize something important to you, Frame Savvy has you covered. Using conservation mats to prevent fading, you can be sure you’re getting a quality, lasting life for your pictures or family heirlooms. They also offer photo restoration services to return important pictures to all of their original glory. 

Tanglewood Works

For your DIY painting, join owner Sue Mondeel at Tanglewood Works. You can paint furniture using natural chalk, learn to upholster cushions, and more when it comes to designing retro-modern furniture. If creating art isn’t your thing and you’d rather admire or purchase it, you can also shop around the Tanglewood store for some customized, one-of-a-kind art. 

Find inspiration all around you in Hyattsville. You can find your muse at places like Magruder Park as you discover new inspiration for your nature-focused pieces, or explore the many local restaurants and write your next blog article on the amazing talent behind the chefs preparing the masterpieces you eat.

Explore the town and all of the local stores that provide you with the gateway to all the art you could imagine. You’ll find a different style of art around each and every corner, including on the walls as you walk down the streets. Your options are limitless, and the opportunities reach the sky when it comes to this city. No matter your skillset or your skill level, the Hyattsville Art District has a spot just for you. 


Contact us today if you or a friend are looking to move into the area. We’ll schedule an appointment where you can view one of our open studio, one-bedroom, or two-bedroom apartments and help you get acquainted with Hyattsville. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns, or if you need more recommendations on places to see, restaurants to try, and things to do. We look forward to helping you pick out your new apartment and discovering your art dreams as they come alive here in the Hyattsville art district.

Welcome to Hyattsville. We hope you love it just as much as we do.

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