7 Top Concert Venues in Washington D.C.

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Are you a music lover who just loves the sound of music? Whether you love to sing along with a boisterous crowd, enjoy music seated in a quieter space, or are moved by the music in a grand music hall, there are many concert halls in D.C. as well as smaller venues.

However, you might find yourself frustrated whenever you type “concert venues near me,” “concert venue near me,” or “concert venues near D.C.” into Google. With so many options, how do you know where to go?

Fortunately, in this concert venue guide, we’ll cover the top concert venues in Washington, D.C.

Finally, you can enjoy the must you love at one of these many Washington, D.C. concert venues. Read on to learn more.

1. The Washington National Cathedral

Washington National Cathedral

Are you a lover of classical music? In this case, the Washington National Cathedral is the perfect concert venue for you. This cathedral, which also serves as a worship center, offers organ recitals, piano concerto performances, and recitals performed by the music staff.

Pieces performed are both classical and contemporary.

Additionally, you’ll enjoy them in the beautiful venue, with the old-fashioned architecture of the cathedral all around you and the light falling in through the stained-glass windows.

This venue is right across the street from The Archer apartments, and is close to Sedgwick Gardens, only a quick 23-minute walk or 5-minute drive away. Other apartment complexes nearby include The Parkwest, The Rodman, and The Parkway.

2. Blues Alley

One of our concert venue tips for Washington, D.C. is to check out the jazz scene. There are many of these types of venues in the city, and one of the best is Blues Alley. This is the oldest continuing supper club for jazz, founded in 1965.

Famous performers have included David Brubeck, Sara Vaughn, and Dizzy Gilespie.

If you want an old-fashioned jazz experience where you feel like you’ve gone back in time, this venue that’s housed in a brick carriage house from the 1800s is the place to go.

It’s a quick 15-minute walk from Circle Arms Apartments, so if you’re a jazz-lover living there you can enjoy this venue often.

3. The 9:30 Club

The 930 Club

The 9:30 Club, which was named by Rolling Stone as being one of the top ten live music venues in America, is a great music venue. Past performers have included Rick Astley, The Flaming Lips, Macklemore, Green Day, and Jimmy Eat World.

In addition to being one of the best rock concert venues, the 9:30 Club is also a nightclub.

So if you enjoy dancing along to your favorite tunes, this is a great place to go. With many restaurants and bars nearby, you can have fun all night long.

The 9:30 Club is only an 11-minute drive away from the 1900 Lamont Apartments.

4. The Black Cat

If you’re an indie music lover, then a great venue choice is the Black Cat. This concert venue, which opened in the 90s, still has an indie vibe reminiscent of that time. Some popular artists who have performed there include Belle & Sebastian, The Killers, and The Strokes.

Additionally, many current indie artists come to perform on this renowned stage. So if you want to enjoy some indie music from an up-and-coming artist, this is the place to go.

Sixteen Hundred Apartments, only two streets away on 16th Street, is incredibly close to The Black Cat. You can walk there in only 10 minutes or go in a car in less than half that amount of time.

5. Pearl Street Warehouse

Pearl Street Warehouse

Another venue is the Pearl Street Warehouse. This is an intimate Wharf DC concert venue for live music, where you can enjoy craft brews, cocktails, bar bites, and diner fare while listening to your favorite musicians playing rock music and other genres.

In addition to the music itself, you can also enjoy spending time on the wharf. This area is right by the Potomac River, providing you with beautiful views. Additionally, there are many bars and restaurants nearby.

Pearl Street Warehouse is close to The Phoenix Apartments, which are only a 9-minute drive away.

6. The Kennedy Center

Are you a lover of grand opera? Or maybe you love musical theatre or you want to see a great symphony or ballet. Maybe you enjoy shows for kids or jazz. Whatever you enjoy, the Kennedy Center has a lot to offer, in addition to beautiful riverside views from the balcony.

The Kennedy Center is renowned, with 2 million visitors a year and over 2,200 performances and exhibitions. Additionally, there are more than 400 free events and performances, so you can enjoy a lot of great music for free.

Become a part of history and enjoy getting dressed up for a beautiful evening at the opera or ballet by going to the Kennedy Center.

This concert venue is only a 12-minute drive from The Shelburne Apartments in the Dupont/ Logan Circle area.

Concert Venues, Nightlife, Restaurants, and More

In Washington, D.C., there are many impressive concert venues as well as nightlife, restaurants, and more. Now that you know about how much there is to do in this city, you might be interested in finding an apartment in the DC area. In this case, look no further than one of our communities.

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