5 Ways to Decorate Your Apartment For Spring

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Ah, spring! After a dark and gloomy winter, it’s so nice to welcome you back! The birds sing a loving tribute to you while the trees stretch into glorious rebirth. Bulbs burst forth from bare, sodden soil to add their colors to the wonders of life reawakening. Suddenly there are fresh, vibrant colors and a chorus of wonder and cheer everywhere.  Even the sun seems to join in the celebration by shining forth a little more brightly in spring! So how can you use spring to decorate your apartment? Let’s find out.

Bring that bright freshness inside your apartment as you, too, usher in the spring. Here are 5 ways to decorate your apartment for spring.

1. Enjoy Fresh Flowers

There are flowers everywhere you look outside so why not enjoy them inside, too? There’s nothing like the bright colors and enticing scents of fresh flowers to brighten up a living space. Don’t just rely on fancy bouquets, either. A simple posy in an old Mason jar can be just as effective when you’re craving fresh flowers after a long winter. Don’t limit yourself to flowers in only one room, either. Who says you can’t enjoy fresh flowers in every room in the house if you want? Not us! 

How about a casual bouquet of exuberant peonies in the living room, a single fragrant peony on your nightstand, a jar of tulips or daffodils in the kitchen, and even a rose floating inside a pretty crystal bowl on the bathroom vanity? Scatter the vibrant colors and enticing scents of fresh flowers throughout your apartment and you’ll have reminders that it’s spring in every room.

2. Plant an Indoor Herb Garden

Why not go all out and decorate your apartment for spring with an actual garden? Plant an indoor herb garden and you’ll have fresh herbs to cook with at your fingertips. Snip and garnish an omelet or baked potato with fresh chives. Snip again and add a sprig of mint to your favorite beverage.  Fresh lemon thyme for chicken and fish, basil for homemade marinara, bay leaves for soup… The possibilities are endless when you grow herbs in your own kitchen.

It’s easy to get started when you choose one of these ideas for an indoor herb garden. You will probably want to start with plants since many herb seeds take weeks or even months just to sprout! Be sure you add adequate drainage since most herbs resent soggy soil and use a good quality soilless potting mix. This list of herbs that grow well indoors will help you get off to great start growing herbs in your kitchen.

3. Get Crafty

Spring craft ideas are just like spring bulbs. They’re sprouting up everywhere you look! And why not? Spring crafts for adults are a great way to refresh the look and feel of your apartment. Besides, they’re just plain fun to do!

This scented candle in a teacup is adorable and a wonderful way to give purpose back to an orphaned teacup and saucer. You know the kind – they’re usually found languishing in a thrift store because they’re the last survivors of a set of wedding china from decades ago. Here’s your chance to rescue them and give them new life as a scented candle. Besides, using candles to decorate your apartment is always a necessity.

Choose a pair with a pretty floral pattern in lighter colors. Here’s a hint – the cup and saucer don’t have to match. If you can’t find a matched pair that you love, go with a cup that you love and set it on a  saucer that coordinates. When choosing the essential oil for your teacup candle, select a fresh scent that smells just like spring.  

4. Refresh Your Decor

Those deep, rich colors and warm fabrics that were so comforting during the depths of a cold winter are a little too warm once spring arrives. Swap them out for lighter weight fabrics in the fresh colors of spring. Refreshing your decor is a great way to decorate your apartment for spring. Changing out your bedding and accessories can completely change the feel of your apartment. Bring in throw pillows, accent rugs, and even knick-knacks that reflect the lighter, brighter mood of spring. When you choose a apartment, you’re even free to change the wall colors if you like!

Go for a lighter color palette with touches of fun, quirky patterns. Why not toss in a few floral patterns while you’re at it? It doesn’t need to look like a riotous, out of control garden sprouted in your apartment overnight! Designers know that you can mix patterns in a tasteful way by simply using a limited color palette. Maybe a fresh spring green and sunny yellow with subtle pops of pink, lavender, or blue. 

5. Get Busy Cleaning

Yes, it’s that time of year again! Spring cleaning is upon us. You can’t decorate your apartment for spring without cleaning it first. There are good reasons for the long-standing ritual of spring cleaning After a long, dark, and gloomy winter, a good spring cleaning will make your apartment will feel light, bright, and airy again.

  • A clean, organized home is good for your spirit. You’ll feel happier and less stressed when you’re not surrounded by dirt and clutter.
  • Decluttering your home helps you think more clearly. It also saves you a lot of time looking for essential items that are lost among the clutter.
  • Getting rid of all that dust that built up over winter may make allergy season less miserable. Dust contains enormous amounts of pollen, pet dander, dust mites, bug parts, and other allergy triggers that are just waiting to attack with the first breeze that comes through an open window.
  • Speaking of windows… You’ll enjoy spring more when you can actually see it through your windows.  A good cleaning will get rid of all of the grime that built up on them over the winter. And sparkling windows let in more of that bright spring sunshine that’s so welcome after winter’s gloom.
  • You’ll find things that were lost, which will save you the time and money you would otherwise spend needlessly replacing them.
  • You might even find enough change buried deep under furniture cushions to treat yourself to an ice cream cone in the park.
  • After the great workout you got by doing a thorough spring cleaning, you deserve that ice cream cone!

Spring Ushers in Changes

Enjoy the refreshing changes that accompany spring. The change in seasons, in the lightness of spirit and mood, and in all of the amazing changes you can make in your home when you embrace the joys of spring! And if you really want to usher in change, consider moving into one of our apartments. We have amazing buildings throughout the area and would love the opportunity to show you around. Contact us to schedule your visit today!

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