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Did you know that nearly 41 million tourists visited Washington, DC last year? That’s a 2.5 percent increase from the year before that. 

More and more people are visiting the capital of the United States because it’s such an excellent hub of different cultures and lifestyles.

If America is a melting pot, then DC is the center of the swirl in that pot. One of the reasons is that there are many embassies in DC where you can immerse yourself in the delightful histories and new traditions of other countries.

There are many great restaurants and museums in DC overall, but you won’t want to miss the entertainment that can be found among this list of embassies in DC that we’ve curated just for you. Best of all, the events at these embassies are often free of charge.

Keep reading to learn about 5 impressive embassies in Washington, DC.

1. Embassy of Sweden

The embassy of Sweden, also called the House of Sweden, is one of the most beautifully-designed buildings in all of DC. In 2007, this Washington, DC embassy won the Kasper Salin Prize for Best Building. This is a highly sought-after award that solidified the building as one of the best examples of Swedish architecture.

As a bonus, the House of Sweden is also home to the embassy of Iceland. You’ll find this magnificent building right by the Potomac River, a body of water that has many tributaries and stretches across five different states.

The House of Sweden hosts a multitude of remarkable events, including the highly-popular Swedish holiday market where you can browse a wealth of vendors selling delicious food, unique art, hand-made jewelry, and much more. 

Another fun seasonal event is the gingerbread house decorating a party. During the festivities, you can engage in some friendly competition by putting your unique touch on a hand-baked house.

There are more things to do than just holiday-related events, of course. You can also attend electrifying concerts, book fairs, pop culture trivia, and others.

2. Embassy of Finland

Forget what you know about any embassy in Washington, DC, because the embassy of Finland is unlike any other place of its kind. 

The building itself looks like a highly modern and sleek cabin that’s been built in a beautiful forest. It’s actually located in Rock Creek Park among some of the best nature that DC has to offer.

You might even be a bit envious of the employees at the embassies because they get to work in such a beautiful area. Every day they go to work in spacious rooms where there is no shortage of natural sunlight, all in the middle of Mother Nature.

As it happens, the embassy of Finland is the first officially green embassy in the whole of the United States. Their efficient building was even certified by LEED, an organization that recognizes structures that reduce waste and encourage sustainability.

After you relish the nature surrounding the embassy, you can come inside to enjoy educating and entertaining film screenings, gorgeous photography exhibitions, fantastic kids festivals, and much more.

3. Embassy of Estonia

While strolling along Embassy Row, DC, you might stumble upon a peculiar house designed in the style of neoclassical architecture. You probably wouldn’t guess that this quaint building is actually the embassy of Estonia.

Additionally, you’d be surprised to know that the embassy of Estonia was first built in 1905 as a doctor’s house until it became the embassy of Peru. It wasn’t even until 1994 that it finally and officially became the Estonian embassy.

Over any given year, you’ll find lots to experience at the embassy of Estonia, such as heavenly choir concerts, fun science experiment presentations, and even book signings with distinguished authors.

You might be able to find art exhibitions too. In the past, they featured psychedelic artworks from an inimitable Estonian artist named Pusa.

4. Embassy of Indonesia

When it comes to embassies in DC, you won’t want to miss out on a chance to visit the awesome Embassy of Indonesia. Outside the building is a statue dedicated to Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of art, music, learning, and wisdom. It’s an impressive tribute to one of the great world religions.

Inside the building, you’ll find more than fifty rooms. The reason for this is that the building used to be a privately-owned mansion.

It was originally built by a socialite and mining heiress named Evalyn Walsh McLean. She’s often referred to as the last person who owned the 45-karat Hope Diamond and the 94-karat Star of the East.

With so much peculiar history behind the embassy, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that the place is interesting enough to warrant a visit. 

If you stop by, you might be able to catch a film screening with interactive dialogue, a lecture and fashion show, or a Sumatran concert featuring bamboo rattle instruments from West Java.

5. Embassy of China

If you’re not used to the high energy of DC, you might feel a little overwhelmed. In that case, you can stop by the embassy of China and enjoy their oriental garden for a bit of zen relaxation.

To blend in with the look and feel of the surrounding DC monuments, the embassy of China is made of clean French limestone. 

The building itself was designed by I. M. Pei, a Chinese-American architect who won the prestigious Pritzker Prize and created the famous glass pyramid outside the Louvre in Paris, France.

If you’re a fan of Chinese culture, then you won’t want to pass by the embassy without stepping foot inside first. 

They hold many fantastic events, including a dragon boat festival, martial arts demonstrations, calligraphy exhibitions, folk opera, and more. The Chinese cuisine samples they offer to visitors taste like heaven.

Ready to Visit These Embassies in Washington, DC?

Now that you know about these 5 impressive embassies in Washington, DC, you can plan a fantastic getaway filled with fun and excitement.

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