Great Gluten-Free Restaurants in Washington, D.C.

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People go gluten-free for all kinds of reasons. Some suffer from celiac. Others notice they have more energy and fewer digestive issues if they avoid gluten, and still others just don’t dig the taste of bread, pasta, and other gluten-laden foods. 

Restaurants have taken notice of this preference, and they’re getting on board the gluten-free train in search of a healthier lifestyle. Looking for a place where you can enjoy food without worrying about gluten? This guide covers some of the best gluten-free restaurants in Washington, D.C., and here’s the great news — they’re all within close proximity of our apartments. 


Ambar Gluten-Free Restaurant

Ambar in Capitol Hill is a Balkan restaurant that’s just 3 miles from The Phoenix. The restaurant isn’t exclusively gluten free, but it has many gluten-free options such as charcuterie platters, salads, pork-belly-stuffed cabbage, slow-roasted lamb with vegetables, and much more. This restaurant also offers an allergy menu with a variety of brunch, lunch, and dinner options. 

Rasika West End

Rasika West End features a lot of gluten-free dishes, including tandoori chicken, duck vindaloo, truffle dosas, and homemade chutneys. This Indian restaurant is also proactive about notifying diners about allergens and cross-contamination risks, making it one of the safest gluten-free restaurants in D.C.

The restaurant’s menu notes which dishes can be modified to be gluten free and which cannot. Rasika is just 0.9 miles from The Phoenix and 2.1 miles from Circle Arms – in other words, you can walk here in 20 to 40 minutes from these locations. 


Commissary Gluten-Free Restaurants

The Commissary is a casual neighborhood cafe in Logan Circle. It serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and offers a great selection of cocktails, including a Bloody Mary bar and Mimosas. This is not one of the area’s exclusively gluten-free restaurants, but the menu lists gluten-free options such as pancakes, avocado bowls, Mediterranean bowls, and kimchi bowls. 

The smoothie bar is also a great option if you need to get some extra fruits and vegetables into your body. This conveniently located spot is about a third of a mile from The Phoenix, The 1600 Apartments, the Rocksboro, 1830R, and the Rodney. 


Grillfish focuses on sustainable seafood, oysters, and meat, and it’s a must-visit location if you’re a seafood lover. This charming spot is less than half a mile from the Circle Arms, and its gluten-free options include mussels, clams, and oysters on the half shell. 

There are also small plates of seared scallops, steak, and surf-and-turf dinners served with gluten-free sides such as potatoes and vegetables. You can also customize your meal with your choice of grilled fish and sides. 

Tara Thai

Tara Thai Restaurant

Tara Thai was named the best Thai restaurant by the Washington Post, and it lives up to the hype. This restaurant uses family recipes handed down for generations, and many of them are inherently gluten free. Entrees include all kinds of enticing proteins such as mussels, black tiger shrimp, squid, and lamb, but you can also opt for cashew nuts, shiitake mushrooms, and mixed veggies if you prefer. 

The menu doesn’t note which options are gluten free, so you need to ask before ordering to make sure the sauces don’t use gluten. This restaurant’s location in Hyattsville is less than a mile from the Prince George’s Apartments

Mellow Mushroom 

A pizza restaurant may seem like an odd choice on a list of gluten-free restaurants, but the Mellow Mushroom is an exception to the rule. Diners can order any of the restaurant’s tasty pizzas on a gluten-free crust. Choose from the Veg Opt, Mighty Meat, or Kosmic Karma with a hypnotic pesto swirl, or design your own gluten-free pizza with any of the restaurant’s curated ingredient options. 

End the meal on a high note with a gluten-free brownie made with GMO-free ingredients and sustainable chocolate. Sound good? Grab your walking shoes — this enticing restaurant is less than a mile from the Vintage, The Parkwest, and The 1900 Lamont apartments.

Acacia Food and Wine

Acacia Food and Wine

Acacia Food and Wine is also not exclusively gluten free, but if you’re looking for gluten-free options near home, this place is just steps from the Connecticut House Apartments. Wine is naturally gluten-free, and if you’re hungry, you may want to check out options like the lentil hummus, salmon tartar, grilled salmon fillet salad, or the quinoa cakes. 


Kinship restaurant offers more than just food. It embraces the craft of cooking through high-end dishes such as chestnut puree, poached pear, and Darden ham broth. It is also committed to using the best ingredients such as Jerusalem artichokes, avocado carpaccio, and L’Abeille Garden aji dulce peppers. 

You can order your own dish or opt for a shared meal for the table, such as a roast chicken or a whole roasted lobe of foie gras. Note that there are meals with gluten on the menu, but there are many gluten-free choices. You can reach Kinship with a 1.7-mile walk from the Circle Arms apartments or a 0.7-mile walk from The Phoenix


Lillies is right next to The Parkwest Apartments. This is an Italian restaurant, so there’s a lot of pasta on the menu, but if you order carefully, you can avoid gluten. Some of the options to try include the Caprese salad, pan-seared trout, and T-bone steak with potatoes and vegetables. This restaurant also has an extensive wine menu. 

Finding great gluten-free food can be a challenge sometimes, but these restaurants offer tasty options to suit any palate. They’re excellent choices for D.C. residents or visitors trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

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Gluten-free dining is easy when you’re located in D.C.’s best neighborhoods. We can put you right in the middle of the District’s restaurant scent and other attractions, with multiple locations within convenient distance to a range of fun amenities.  Contact our office today, and a leasing agent will help you find the best location for a holistic urban lifestyle.

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