7 Moving Hacks to Reduce the Stress of Moving Into Your New Apartment

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Moving is a lot of work and it can be a stressful process. As any professional mover will tell you, planning in advance makes it a lot easier. 

Here are 7 moving hacks to reduce the stress of moving into your new apartment:

1. Begin Preparing for Moving Day at Least a Month in Advance

Waiting until the night before moving day to start packing would set you up for an awful moving experience. In fact, preparations for moving day should begin weeks in advance.

It’s a good idea to create a master to-do list of what needs to be done in order to move. 

Some of the Items That Might Be Included on Your Moving To-Do List Include:

  • Submitting a change of address with your local United States Postal Service
  • Changing your address with all the financial institutions you do business with like your bank and credit cards
  • Set up new utility services at your new place if it’s not already included in your apartment
  • Set up WIFI services with your local provider
  • Change your address with any mail order subscriptions you may have
  • Schedule time to deep clean and organize your current living space
  • Drop off items to be donated
  • Have a yard sale to get rid of unwanted items
  • Purchase moving supplies
  • Schedule professional movers if hiring someone to move your furniture
  • Reserve a moving truck rental 
  • Enlist the help of family and friends if you are planning to move yourself
  • Pack!
  • Don’t forget to reserve an elevator in your building for moving day if applicable
  • If you are moving to Washington D.C. and are planning on using a large truck to move your furniture you may need to reserve street parking

2. Deep Clean Your Current Living Space

Doing a deep clean of your current living space a few weeks before you move will not only lessen your stress on moving day, but it will make moving day easier.

You’ll have to clean your current living space once all your belongings are moved out so doing a deep clean in advance will make that last cleanup go faster because there won’t be built-up dirt and grime.

Clean baseboards, under furniture, appliances, etc. This way it will be a breeze to pass a vacuum, mop, and wipe all the surfaces down before handing in those keys.

3. Gather Your Moving Supplies

Hacks to Reduce the Stress of Moving Into Your New Apartment

The last thing you want is to be running out to the store as you are packing up your moving boxes. Be sure to gather items that are needed for all days of the move.

Purchase your packing supplies early, and purchase more than you think you’ll need. 

You’ll Need Moving Supplies Like:

  • Boxes
  • Tape
  • Sharpies 
  • Packing protective wrap

You can always ask your local stores if they have any empty boxes you could have. Oftentimes retailers are happy to see the boxes go because it means less work for them, and bonus—it’s free!

4. Organize Your Belongings into These 4 Categories Before You Move

You do not want to move excess items you’ll never use or items that won’t fit comfortably in your new place. Begin going through all your belongings at least a month in advance if you can.

Separate Your Things into 4 Easy Categories:

  • Keep
  • Donate
  • Trash
  • Sell

Items you plan on keeping, if you won’t be needing them over the next few weeks, can be packed up. Items that you no longer want but are not worthy of donating can be thrown out or recycled, and items you’re donating can be boxed or bagged up to be dropped off or picked up for donations.

You may also choose to sell some items. Listing items on Facebook Marketplace is a fast way to get rid of items and earn a little cash too. If the items don’t sell, you can always add them to your donations pile.

5. Gather Important Documents Before You Move

It’s important to gather all of your important documents before moving day. Things can easily be overlooked and thrown away on accident during the moving process so you’ll want to put your gathered documents in a safe place as opposed to having them laying around your living space and getting thrown into random boxes.

You may need some of those documents on moving day or shortly thereafter so it’s a good idea to have any you’ll need in one large envelope for moving day, and the rest secured together in order for them to arrive safely in your new apartment.

6. Become a Packing Master 

If you are not skilled or aware of how to pack, how to move furniture, and where to start, these tips will help you become a master packer!

Moving can be hectic, so it’s important to stay organized as you pack your belongings leading up to moving day, so that your move-in day goes as smoothly as possible.

Start the packing process at least a few weeks prior to moving day, so you are not overwhelmed with everything you have to get packed.

As you are packing, put the items you are most concerned about into boxes you can carry in your personal vehicle, rather than putting them in the moving truck.

Be sure to label everything as you go. We like to use a sharpie to note which room a box belongs in (write it nice and big so it’s easy to spot) so that it can be brought directly to that room or area of your new apartment once it has been unloaded.

You might also want to note any important items in each box that you may be looking for once you’re in your new apartment as it may take you a few days to unpack everything. For example, you may want all your cleaning supplies or bathroom necessities, so label the box well so it’s easy to spot once you’re in your new apartment.

Keep packing small amounts at a time, leaving out just the necessities as you approach moving day.

There are several different options to packing clothes for moving: You can box up folded clothes in cardboard boxes, in a suitcase, or even keep them in a dresser (as long as you don’t make the dresser too heavy to move!).

Kitchen dishes and other fragile items should be well wrapped before boxing. Consider using soft textiles from your home to wrap some of your more delicate items. Old newspapers also make a great wrapping to help protect glassware and fragile dishes.

Always place the heavier items in the bottom of the box, being sure not to pack any one box too heavy.

Then, you’ll want to get organized with last-minute items so that they are easy to pack when the moving date gets closer.

6. Prepare a Moving-Day Survival Kit

A moving-day survival kit should include everything you will need to make the first night in your new home comfortable, including sheets, pillows, towels, shower curtains if needed, PJs, and a clean set of clothes, along with some plates and silverware.

After a long day of moving you’ll be able to easily find what you need for the night.

Items You May Want on Your First Night of Living in a New Apartment:

  • Snacks & water
  • Change of clothes
  • Personal care products
  • Pillows and blankets
  • Laptop
  • Speaker to listen to music while you clean and unpack
  • Phone Charger or other laptop chargers
  • Towels
  • Cleaning Products

7. Let the Professionals Move Your Furniture

There are many benefits to hiring professional movers to move all of your belongings or just your furniture on moving day.

Moving can take a toll on your body. Not only is it mentally exhausting, but your body can take a beating from lifting all that furniture. Movers are skilled at lifting and transporting furniture safely.

Professional movers already have tools like hand trucks, moving straps, and furniture blankets to protect and transport your furniture during the move.

Professional movers know how to pack a truck properly to ensure your items arrive safely. They can also move your furniture much faster than you and your family and friends could.

Save yourself a lot of stress and hire the pros to get your belongings to your new apartment safely.

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