12 Indoor Activities to Do When You’re Stuck in Your Apartment

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Life has gotten a lot more home-focused in the past few weeks, as even those showing no symptoms of the COVID-19 virus choose to stay home to protect those they love and the wider world from fast virus spread. Unfortunately, many people in D.C. are accustomed to the excitement of going out in the city, be it to work, nightlife, parks, or any of the many cultural events in town. 

When the virus subsides, the vibrant outside life of Washington D.C. will return, but for now, you may be feeling like you aren’t sure what to do with yourself in your apartment during these home-bound days. Whether you’re working a normal schedule or not, here are some positive, useful indoor activities to do with the time that you’d have otherwise spent out enjoying the city.

Experiment With Simple but Time-Consuming Cooking and Baking

While it may be hard to find a long list of ingredients when you’re spending most of your time at home, there’s a reason that bread baking (and other complex cooking that involves few ingredients) has grown popular! There’s no shame in not getting it right the first time, and cooking and baking are a great option for getting away from screens during a time when many of us are tempted to be glued to them. Cooking can be one of the most rewarding indoor activities!

Pamper Your Skin With Care

Many people have an ideal skincare routine and a reality-of-being-busy skincare routine. Try doing what your skin loves most: the best moisturizer, face mask, or a nice toner all can make your skin feel great even when you can’t go out and show it off immediately.

Download Houseparty or Use a Video-Conference to Reconnect With Friends and Family

Houseparty is an application that allows people to video chat and also play simple party games and indoor activities at the same time, making it a nice stand-in for in-person parties and while we’re in our separate apartments. If your family or friends don’t need the game aspect, just get to know a video conferencing application and reach out to those you haven’t seen or talked to in a while. Many people report feeling a nice lift when they have seen friends and family online.

Pick a Space to Deep-Clean Between Episodes

If you’ve been enjoying some great shows lately, give yourself a little movement and a sense of accomplishment by picking a single corner, the bathtub or some kitchen cabinets to organize before you can see the next episode. The feeling of getting something done is nice, and you get the benefit of a nicer-looking, clean space by the end of the season! Who says indoor activities can’t be productive?

Finally Make a Photo Album or Printed Book (Maybe For Gifts!)

So many of us are amateur, or even professional, photographers and we don’t take the time to do anything with our photographs. Whether you want to organize a mass upload to social media, print out old-school photos for a physical album, or order a personalized book with your digital photos in it, now is a great time to dwell on great memories and finally do what you said you’d do with all those great shots.

Take Online Yoga, Pilates, or Cycling Classes Based On What You Have At Home

Online, there are absolutely ‘work-in’ classes that fit every possible level of space and home gym equipment. Everything from body-weight exercises that require nothing to cycling classes with a stationary bicycle is an option these days. The endorphins from working out can keep your spirits up when things feel quite cooped-up. 

Rearrange Your Wall Art and Replace Older Items With Homemade Masterpieces 

While most of us can’t do a full on home makeover right now, consider how you can swap out some of your posters or photographs on the walls for new art items, or at least move them around. Even simple collages, abstract color-block prints, or shadowboxes of items that are important to you can liven up your space without a lot of extra money or time.

Dig Out Old Hobbies and Complete Half-Done Projects You Find

If you’ve ever started a hobby in the past and let it go, now might be a cool time to get back into it. Study a language, finish a sewing project, take another online coding class: whatever you might have attempted could help you get a new skill. The luxury of this time, though, should be doing this when you feel like it: don’t feel like you have to set some kind of wild pace for accomplishments during a stressful time. A nice sense of accomplishment, not an intense drive or ambition, is a good way to approach these hobbies. 

Start Sending and Receiving Postcards For a Wall Display

To interact in an old-school way, break out some old postcards and mail well-wishes to your friends. When you get one or two back, start a wall where you keep their notes, reminding you of their past travels and your connections.

Organize Your Bookshelves and Find a Great Book to Reread

If you’ve got a few books, consider redesigning your display of books — after all, many of us have books piled rather than organized! In so doing, see if you can find something you really liked reading in the past and reread it for a little bit of escape. It’s nice being able to go anywhere you want in a book.

Learn a New Board Game or Card Game With Roommates

Find a board game or card game that you and your roommates can play together to socialize and laugh together during a time when you might otherwise be focusing on the news. Learning something new is often invigorating, and you might carry on the tradition long after we’re all outside more.

Clean, Clear, and Organize Your Technology

It’s not a fancy thing to do, but most of us could stand to organize our files and applications on our computer, tablet, or phone. Taking a few minutes to do it will make it easier to use and appreciate our technology going forward. 

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