Your Guide to Choosing Indoor Dog Toys for Your Apartment-Dwelling Pup

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Dog parents know that providing pups with a variety of indoor dog toys is one of the best ways to keep them occupied. Having the right outlets ensures your dog remains happy and fulfilled even when you’re not at home to entertain them. Constructive play is key to preventing destructive behavior, too — which means your personal items and apartment home also stay safe.

Apartment dwellers can have a hard time finding the right interactive indoor dog toys for their pets, though. There are so many types on the market, and it can be difficult to know if the one you’re selecting will provide the right stimulation or might be disruptive for your neighbors. This guide will help you to find the best indoor options to keep your apartment as safe, secure, and positive as possible for you, your favorite pooch, and the homes around your own.

4 Indoor Dog Toy Suggestions for Apartments

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Few things can beat great trips to dog parks, which are perfect for letting larger pooches or those with a lot of energy run freely, interact with other pups, and burn off stress. Daily walks can also do a lot to help dogs stay fit and active, but most busy professionals don’t have time to pack up the ball launcher and visit the dog park every day or every time Fido looks longingly at the door.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help your dog stay engaged and stress-free in such in-between times. Stock up on a variety of dog toys, and your pet will be sitting pretty while you are out or otherwise engaged. The following types are perfect indoor dog toys for apartment-dwellers because they offer plenty of mental stimulation and energy outlets.

1. Chewing bones can help curb destructive tendencies.

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Chew toys, such as chewing bones, are perfect for dogs of any age or breed. Whether you own a tiny toy dog or a larger, more active breed, bones will give your pup an outlet for energy and keep them from attacking and wrecking havoc on other items in your homes, such as furniture or pillows which can seem appealing to curious pups. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure to avoid chew toys that could be potential choking hazards, such as some rawhide bones or strips.
  • Look for options that include crinkle material and minimize loud squeakers to avoid irritating your neighbors.
  • For large dogs, consider tougher balls or toys that are harder to break down.
  • If your dog likes to shred stuffing, consider stuffing-free toy options.

When in doubt, your veterinarian can recommend specific chews that are safe and might even promote dental wellness at the same time.

2. Rope toys keep dogs entertained.

dog rope toy

For a dog who loves tug of war, a rope toy is a great option. Rope toys usually feature several elements, including a rope to grab and pull, a chewy portion in the center, and possibly even a puzzle section to allow for treats inside. T

he downside is ropes often require the help of a human to make the tug part happen, which means you may find yourself one-handed if you’re trying to entertain your pup while working from home. 

The good news is that your pup can settle down with the chew toy portion after a rousing game (or instead of it) and solve the problem to access the treat inside.

3. Bouncy balls and toys are fun for dogs.

oor ball toy

Tennis balls are great for the dog park, but apartment dwellers might prefer to pick up a more solid dog ball. Many toy companies manufacture chew toys and balls that don’t bounce quite so sporadically, allowing your pooch to still get their energy out without tearing around your apartment or causing an excessive amount of noise that might disturb your neighbors. 

Again, make sure to choose toys for your dog that don’t include loud squeakers. These sorts of noisemakers can cause a lot of disruption for your neighbors, even if the squeaker itself doesn’t sound terribly loud to you.

4. Interactive dog toys keep your dog focused.

The best interactive indoor dog toys are ones that stimulate your dog’s brain and keep them focused for a long stretch of time. A puzzle toy could feature different textures and surfaces, for example, including  chewable bits and treat-dispensing elements. 

Most local pet stores have a great selection of puzzle feeders, puzzle toys and other interactive options, which are perfect for boosting your pooch’s brainpower. 

Online retailers like Amazon also offer a range of options, from exclusive ones you might not be able to find anywhere else to restocks on some of your dog’s familiar favorites. 

3 Local Pet Stores for Pet Supplies

If you are on the hunt for indoor dog toys to keep your pup happy, healthy, and occupied, head to one of the great local pet stores in the Washington, D.C. area.

The Big Bad Woof

The Big Bad Woof

Located in the heart of Washington, D.C., The Big Bad Woof is a pet store specializing in natural pet food and accessories. It features a variety of dog toy and treat options, from natural chews to biscuits and crunchy treats in flavors like peanut butter and beef liver, ensuring each customer finds exactly what they need.
Based on sustainability and the power of community, The Big Bad Woof is the ideal destination for any local dog lover or people who want natural goods for their pets.

Chien de Luxe

Chien de Luxe

Head to Chien de Luxe for all the latest, trendiest products for your pup. It is based on Macarthur Boulevard in Washington, D.C., and its dog toy shelves are fully stocked with lots of offerings, from ball launchers and games to chew bones and all-natural dog treat varieties.

Chien de Luxe was founded in 2013 and carries pet-themed home décor, artwork, books, and cards in addition to the selection of pet options on the shelves. That means your apartment can perfectly reflect your love for your dog. 

Howl to the Chief

Howl to the Chief

With multiple locations, Howl to the Chief is the best of both worlds — a family-owned store for dogs and pet owners that also features an extensive selection of toys, treats, games, food, and other products. Browse through the store and pick up a stimulating puzzle game, agility kit for your next trip to the dog park, or a treat toy. Your dog will love the variety of products and you will enjoy the range of options.

There’s no doubt about it — you want the best for your pooch. Consider utilizing some of these tips to make sure your dog is happy and fulfilled each time you leave, and that your apartment stays as organized and comfortable as possible.

Pet-Friendly D.C. Apartment Homes for You and Your Favorite Pup

If you have any questions about leasing a pet-friendly apartment in the Washington, D.C. area, contact our team today. We have many dog-friendly communities perfect for pet lovers, nearly all of which are within a short walk or drive of major dog parks and some that even include dog runs and pet washing stations right on the property! Contact us for more information.

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