Modern Minimalist Living Room Decor Ideas (Less is More)

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When designing a modern minimalist living room, each piece of decor makes a quiet statement. The goal is to strip away unnecessary objects from the room allowing for each piece of furniture and a few carefully curated decor items to show off it’s own beauty, creating a room that has a relaxing vibe and a sense of freedom. 

What Is Minimalism?

Minimalism isn’t just a design aesthetic, it’s a philosophy and practice to help us live our life in a simple, uncomplicated way using only the things that are truly important to us. 

That doesn’t mean living a minimalist lifestyle requires you to only have a limited amount of belongings—one pair of shoes, no art on your walls, one plate, one fork—but could mean that for you if that’s what brings you joy. 

Minimalism is about getting down to what’s really important in your life. It forces you to consider how you want to spend your time. Do you want to spend all your spare time managing your belongings? Cleaning and organizing your apartment? Shopping for new things? Wouldn’t you rather spend your time experiencing life and pursuing what you’re passionate about?

The Minimalists, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus say “Minimalism is a tool to rid yourself of life’s excess in favor of focusing on what’s important—so you can find happiness, fulfillment, and freedom.”

What Does a Minimalist Home Decor Style Mean?

Minimalist Living Room Decor Idea

So, how does minimalism translate to home decor style? There is a grace and beauty to a room designed with a minimalist design aesthetic. A simple, modern design with clean lines and a simple color palette—often monochromatic, or calming neutrals.  

When we apply minimalism to our home interior design it means less is more. Less stuff means more freedom to pay attention to what’s truly important in our lives. Less stuff means more time for contemplation, dreaming, and self development. Less stuff means less stress and generally— more freedom.

Minimalist design style is so popular because we are drawn to calming spaces that make us feel grounded and at peace. Have you ever walked into a room piled high with endless stuff—laundry, totes and boxes full of stuff, dishes everywhere, paperwork, shoes…stuff, stuff, and more stuff. 

It’s stressful just to think about, nevermind the toll it takes on our energy and happiness to live in a cluttered space. Stuff has taken over our lives. MInimalism aims to help us live an intentional life and let go of that which does not serve our ultimate happiness. 

Today we’re exploring modern minimalist living room decor tips to help you with your “less is more” living room design pursuits. 

Start With A Clean Slate

Start designing your modern minimalist living room with a clean slate. Declutter your space by letting go of everything that isn’t serving you. Are you holding on to an old decorative object just because it was a gift but you really never liked it? Let it go. Donate it. Chances are there’s someone out there who would really love it. 

We often hold on to stuff because we think we should hold on to it, when in reality, if we are living an intentional life, we should only hold onto things that we need or that truly bring us happiness. 

Have a piece of artwork that brings you great joy? By all means, keep it and incorporate it into your living room decor. 

Keep Your Color Palette Simple

Keeping your living room color palette simple will create a cohesive, modern look and feel to your space. 

A simple color palette can also help you relax and even evoke a sense of peacefulness in your space. Whether you prefer warm tones or cool, keep your color choices to only a few colors. You can add a few pops of bold color if that makes you happy but keep in mind the less is more principle here by adding personality through a pop of color in just a couple places—maybe a throw pillow, rug, or artwork. You can also add personality through texture, and statement pieces that celebrate organic forms and function—like light fixtures and your furniture.  

Bring in warmth with wood, texture, and fabrics that are both beautiful and purposeful.  

Keeping your color palette simple will help to create a calming atmosphere which is a key element in minimalist interior design. 

A Home For Everything

Having a home for the things in your living room you’ve decided are meaningful will help your space remain neat and clutter free. 

Choose beautiful baskets for storage or multi purpose furniture like an ottoman with storage that will keep your things organized and easy to find. 

Keep shelving neat by not cluttering with unnecessary objects to avoid an overly busy space. Place a few beautiful objects in an intentional way that is pleasing to you aesthetically. 

Think Function, Form, and Beauty When Choosing Furniture 

Minimalist Living Room Decor Ideas

A modern minimalist living room is designed with form, function, and beauty in mind. Clean lines, organic shapes, and smart storage solutions are all things to look for when shopping for furniture for your minimalist living room.

You want your living room to be a place that you’re able to do just that—live—relax, daydream, rest, rejuvenate, read, create, entertain, and spend time with the ones you love.

When choosing your furniture, choose pieces that support those ideas. A sofa may look gorgeous, but if it’s back-breakingly uncomfortable what use is it? Choose furniture that is functional, simple, and beautiful with clean lines, organic forms, subdued neutral colors, texture, and most importantly it has to be comfortable. 

Reduce, Reuse, and Repurpose

Being eco friendly and minimalism go hand in hand. Reducing the amount of stuff you have, repurposing what you do have, and reusing what others are no longer using are great ways to support sustainability in the modern world. Bonus—it saves you money!

Looking to achieve a modern minimalist interior at a low cost? Thrifting minimalist decor not only saves you money, but offers unique finds that you could never find in regular stores. 

If you’re looking to find some thrifted modern minimalist decor and furniture, Washington D.C. has some of the best thrift stores around. 

So, are you ready to design the modern minimalist living room of your dreams? 

It may:


      • Offer a peaceful refuge in a busy world

      • Keep what’s most important in your life a priority

      • Reduce stress

      • Help you stay organized

      • Keep you cleaning less and living more

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