Information Regarding Moving Out

We understand that sometimes life takes you in different directions, and if you are planning to move out from one of our communities, we are sorry to see you leave.

If your moving plans are definite, we ask that you complete a Notice of Intent to Vacate Form, which can be downloaded from our web site below.

Please note that each lease holder for the apartment home must sign and submit the Notice of Intent to Vacate Form. Once the form is completed and signed, please email or fax the form to the contact information provided below. After the form has been received and processed, you will shortly receive detailed information about preparations for your move.

At the conclusion of the initial lease term tenants are required to provide at least sixty (60) days’ prior written notice of Tenant’s intention to vacate at the conclusion of the initial lease term. This requirement for sixty (60) days’ prior written notice is only applicable to the initial Lease Term and this requirement expires as of the expiration of the initial Lease Term. If no such notice is given, or no written renewal or extension of the Lease is executed, then the Lease will be automatically renewed for successive one-month periods on the same terms and conditions contained in this Lease, provided, however, that Tenant expressly agrees that in such event the term “Monthly Rent” as used in this Lease may be increased by Landlord as permitted by applicable law. Unless Tenant agrees to sign a renewal lease of a term other than month-to-month, Tenant has the right to vacate the Premises upon thirty (30) days’ prior written notice so long as Tenant remains a month-to-month tenant (such notice must expire as of the first day of the month at least 30 days after the date of the notice).

Moving Out FAQ

If you have signed up for preauthorized payments you will need to terminate this payment option following your notice of intent to vacate. We do not cancel ACH payments for residents. Once automatic payments have been cancelled all final payments will need to be made either via the one-time payment option available online or with a live check.

If your rent is current, and the move-out inspection report completed reveals no damages to the apartment, you will receive your security deposit, plus interest, within 45 days of vacating.

In order to ensure a timely refund, please make sure that you inspect your apartment with one of our team members after the apartment has been vacated, cleaned, and you are ready to return the keys.

The security deposit refund is written out to all lease holder(s) on one check. If other arrangements need to be made, they must be made amongst the parties receiving the deposit.

Elevators can only be reserved for moving in or out at buildings which offer two or more elevators. To reserve the elevator please contact the Property Manager at least one week prior to your move-out. Elevators are reserved on a first come first serve basis for three hour increments at the time. It is best to make elevator reservations as soon as your moving plans are finalized.

Please be reminded that pursuant to your lease, your vacate notice grants us permission to show your apartment to potential new residents.

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