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Getting Familiar with Dupont Circle Station

Public transportation in Dupont Circle lies at the heart of the neighborhood, just below the circle on 19th St NW. It provides residents seamless access to the rest of the city. Whether you need to get to work downtown or outside the city entirely, your journey will likely start here.

The station has two entrances, one on the Northside of the circle at Q Street and Connecticut Ave NW, and another South on 19th St. NW.

The station has a center track, so you’ll need to take the correct escalator down to make sure you’re on the right platform. Look at the beginning and end destinations on the signs at the top of the escalators to be sure you’re taking the correct one.

The Red Line

Dupont Circle Station provides service on the Red Line, but you can conveniently transfer to the Blue/Orange lines at Metro Center Station and the Green/Yellow lines at Gallery Pl-Chinatown Station.

Once you get underground there will be plenty of signs and maps to light your way. This Metro station is fully accessible to any newbie public transistors. So worry not, and head underground for your next big adventure in DC.

Dupont Circle to Downtown

Reaching downtown couldn’t be more convenient for Dupont Circle residents. Just hop on the Metro toward Farragut Station North. Or, if the weather is exceptional, you can walk it in under 15 minutes.

Dupont Circle to Bethesda

For those wanting to live in one of DC’s most exciting neighborhoods but work at the Walter Reed Medical Center, NIH, or other nearby offices can enjoy convenient commuting on the Red Line starting at Dupont Circle Station and ending at Bethesda or Medical Center Station.

Dupont Circle to Georgetown

If you’re a Georgetown University student or faculty member, you can take advantage of the Georgetown University Transport Shuttle (GUTS). 

It’s free (has a nasty name) and arrives at Dupont Circle Station from 6 am to 12 am and during the Spring and Fall semesters, from 12:10 pm to 6:15 pm.

If you’re not affiliated with the university, you can walk or take the Metrobus G2 route.  Other bus routes on 19th and N St. will take you there as well.

Public Transportation in Dupont Circle with WMATA’s Trip Planner

Wherever you need to get, living in Dupont Circle makes it easy to get around the city. You can get to most places via Dupont Circle Station on the red line, but for some destinations taking one of the many Metro, buses may get you there quicker.

If your commute isn’t listed above, use WMATA’s trip planner tool to get an idea of what options are available to you.

With the Trip Planner, you can also opt to take the pubic bus throughout the city. The busses are never too crowded, they keep warm in the harsh winters and cool in the hot summers. So hop on a bus, grab a friend, and explore all the free museums in DC.

Capital Bike-share in Dupont Circle

If you are more of a sight-seer then Capital bike share is for you! You can bike around the entire Washington DC city and sightsee the lovely monuments or cherry trees. Start at Dupont circle and land your bike at any Capital bike-share station around the Nation’s Capital.

Luckily right after you hop off the Dupont Circle metro station you can walk 2 minutes to 20th & O St NW / Dupont South, Washington, DC 20036, and pick up a bike to cruise around the city with. 

Plan your route at the Capital Bike Share website and get some exercise as you oversee the Potomac River.

Whatever you do, and wherever you travel, travel safely! 

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