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Woodley Park is a charming neighborhood in Northwest DC. Just steps from the Smithsonian National Zoological Park as well as many restaurants and boutiques, Woodley Park defines comfortable living.

Woodley Park is pleasantly situated between the natural parks and bustling business districts of DC. Because of this ideal DC location and proximity to several Metro stations, living in Woodley Park makes getting around the city a snap.

Getting Familiar with Woodley Park Station

The closest Metro station to Thomas Circle is McPherson Square, located at 1400 I St. NW. Here, you have easy access to the Orange, Silver, and Blue lines, which run East to West across DC. These lines are handy for getting to George Washington University as well as several of the capital’s renowned museums.

Walking from The Phoenix apartment building, McPherson Square Station is a short 10-minute walk via either 15 St NW or Vermont Ave NW. The station has two entrances, one on I St NW and the other on 14th St SW.

Woodley Park to Downtown DC

Those who work Downtown can take the Red Line to Farragut North Station, which should take about 15 minutes.

Downtown is home to many of the city’s finest museums and galleries and is full of things to do. Once there, you can take a bus or walk towards your final destination.

Woodley Park to Georgetown

For the students and faculty of Georgetown University, your commute can take between 30 and 40 minutes to complete. Starting at Woodley Park-Zoo Metro Station, take the Red Line to Dupont Circle Station.

Once there, you can transfer to the Georgetown University Transit bus (GUTS), which is free to all students and faculty of the university. The GUTS bus shuttles back and forth from Dupont Circle Station to the campus throughout the day.  

If unaffiliated with the university, you can transfer to one of the city bus routes with service to Georgetown once you reach Dupont Circle.

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Woodley Park to Bethesda?

For those who work in Bethesda or at the Medical Center, your commute is a little longer but relatively straightforward. Conveniently, commuting to Bethesda from Woodley Park doesn’t require transferring to other lines or bus services.

Take the Red Line from Woodley Park Station heading westbound towards Shady Grove. You can get off at either the Bethesda stop or the Medical Center Station stop.

Your entire commute can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 40 minutes to complete, depending on your final destination.

Use WMATA’s Trip Planner to Plan Your Commute

Woodley Park has convenient access to the Red Line and allows residents to get around DC in minutes. We hope this guide helps you get an idea of what your commute might look like. If your commute isn’t listed above or you want to explore alternatives, check out WMATA’s Trip Planner . There, you can input your starting point and destination as well as the time and date you will be traveling to get a clear picture of what you can expect. 

Exploring Woodley Park Public Transportation

You can also plan your trip by using alternative forms of public transportation. After you see a ballet in DC and explore all the wonders of the Nation’s Capital, grab a bike or a scooter on your way home. 

Capital Bikeshare also has a trip planner. You can grab a bike by Woodley Park and return it to any other station around the city! 

Cruise through the streets of DC on a scooter if you are feeling quite adventurous. Just try to remember some brightly colored clothes so all the cars see you as your weave through.  

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