Smart City Apartments: How to Make Your Apartment Smarter

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Why Smart Apartments?

It’s no surprise that smart technology is taking over in many modern niches.

Think of the voice-activated assistants on phones and in-vehicle dashboards. They’re a relatively new invention, but almost everyone you know probably uses them.

And what about wearables that tell users all about their health? Or the smartphones and music devices in everyone’s pockets?

There are even clothing items that track vitals!

These days, digital is doing its best to infiltrate every aspect of our lives and make things a little easier.

That extends to our homes, too. 


The Evolution of Smart Homes

Smart versions of household appliances and voice-activated speakers now take grocery orders, turn on or off with the tap of an app, manage our homes’ lights and temperatures, and alert us when something is wrong.

Our security systems can now tell us someone is at our door when we’re at work, and allows us to speak to the visitor through a video chat.

These examples are often relatively fixed and permanent. They’re typically geared toward homeowners and property managers instead of renters.

That means would-be users who reside in rented apartments or houses are often left thinking that these solutions are innovative but are unable to use them.

This list is for those tech-loving renters, and these quick tips will help make any apartment a little bit smarter.

The Perfect Speakers for Appartment Life

woman dancing in her apartment

The perfect speakers are out there and waiting for those who dance in their studio apartments until 1 AM.

Enjoy life, and while you’re at it we’ll do the hard work.

Below is your list of the best speakers. You’re welcome.

1. Amazon’s Echo & Dot

The eCommerce giant’s digital assistant, Alexa, gives users the help they need through its Echo and Echo Dot smart speakers.

Alexa does more than play music via Bluetooth or an internet connection, though. It can help users to order food, look up the answers to questions, call contacts, set up reminders for future appointments or tasks, and more.

Alexa’s list of skills grows daily, too, as companies around the world work to add additional compatible abilities.

Best of all, these products are renter-friendly, requiring only a wall power outlet to install.

2. Google Home

Hands-free help also comes from Google.

The Google Assistant answers questions, plays music, reminds users of appointments listed in a Google Calendar account, and helps users manage their homes.

The personalization pairs well with Google’s ever-growing list of services like YouTube, Gmail, and Google Home.

It also works with 5,000-plus smart home devices created by more than 150 brands.

3. Galaxy Home

Samsung offers plenty of permanent smart home products, including kitchen appliances, washers and dryers, and security or monitoring offerings.

 Its upcoming Galaxy Home smart speaker will rival the Echo and Home.

It is currently listed as “coming soon” on its website but will work with Samsung’s virtual assistant, Bixby, to deliver a personalized user experience.

The Galaxy Home will turn any home into a smart home through a SmartThings hub.

Forget just playing music. Once you connect Bixby to your smart devices, you can ask it to turn off lights, lock doors, and start the dishwasher before bed, among other things.

4. Portal From Facebook

Offering voice-activated, hands-free video calling, Portal from Facebook has Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant built right in.

Its tagline is “If you can’t be there, feel there.”  This smart speaker makes it easier to video chat with contacts on a larger screen.

Portal offers enhanced smart camera and sound capabilities, privacy, Facebook Messenger connections, content sharing, and both photo and notification display functions.

Smart Locks and Cameras to Keep Apartments Safe

video surveillance for a dc apartment

1. August Smart Lock

A smart lock means users can control their doors right from their phones. The August app ensures that it opens for trusted entrants and stays locked against potential wrongdoers.

The app monitors activity, offers users keyless access, and provides DoorSense™ status updates to give them peace of mind.

Best of all, it can be installed quickly and uninstalled when renters move out. 

2. Wyze Cam v2

Offering 1080 pixels of full HD recording, the Wyze Cam provides app-based live streaming with 8x digital zoom.

Use Alexa to change views through voice command.

It also includes night vision viewing and can be mounted using adhesive tape and magnets so that no screws damage an apartment’s walls or ceilings.

With motion detection, smart sound recognition, free cloud storage, and two-way audio, apartments have never felt safer.

3. Ring Stick Up Cam Battery

Ring is well-known for its digital security systems with cameras, alarms, and doorbells.

A newer model offers a wire-free, convenient camera device with a quick-release battery pack that can be easily recharged.

It’s compatible with a mini solar panel, too, in case the apartment door happens to be by a window or on an outdoor balcony.

The Stick Up Cam can be easily removed, and interfaces with a phone app to keep homes secure when residents are away.

Other Smart Options for Apartment Renters

Frigidaire Smart Window Air Conditioner

Alexa- and Wi-Fi-compatible, Frigidaire’s smart window air conditioners allow residents to keep their homes at optimal temperatures during the summer months.

Alexa’s voice activation can control temperatures, as can a Frigidaire app, turning the device on and off, adjusting temperatures and speeds, and directing airflow. 

Philips Hue LED Smart Bulbs

An innovative element of a smart lighting system, Philips’ Hue lights are smart and energy-efficient LED bulbs in a variety of shapes and sizes.

They’re paired with a Hue Bridge that allows users to connect up to 50 Hue lights to an app.

Use your smartphone or tablet to impact the brightness, tone, and color, depending on the bulb in question.

Wemo Mini Smart Plug

Smart plugs turn traditional outlets into smart devices, enabling users to control anything that’s plugged into them from a phone or tablet.

They tap a home’s Wi-Fi connection to enable control of any plugged-in appliances. This includes heaters, curling irons, microwaves, fans, and anything else that would commonly make people wonder if they’ve left it on.

Everything is controlled by a Wemo app, meaning users can turn the device on and off from anywhere in the world.

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