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Where to Find Home Decor in the City

Not sure where to start looking? We have put together a one-stop-guide, complete with links, for all of the best furniture options in the city.

Listed here are both


This one is an awesome one-stop-shop if you are looking for only, and we mean only, modern furniture with a pretty high price tag. This one is definitely worth checking out — if you can’t afford it you can still let the pieces inspire you. A great place for unique finds that are more refined than attention-grabbing.

After you stop by and peruse around check out all the awesome architecture in Cathedral Heights.  

Where? 2201 Wisconsin Ave NW

Foundry by Freeman

All of these stores have unique furniture, but even the layout of this shop is unique (check out the endless spiral staircase with walls absolutely filled with vintage photographs). This shop feels a bit like a flea market in Paris combined with an estate sale in 1945. You’ll be able to find all kinds of fascinating finds here.

Where? 1954 2nd St NW

Baker Furniture

This one is pricey (they are best known for their expensive Stately Homes collection) but definitely knows how to deliver. It’s worth it to stop by and tour around, just to take in the art-gallery-like furniture displays.

However, rumor has it that if you check out their basement you can find some furniture that might fit the budget of someone who, say, isn’t a heiress among the sidewalks of Georgetown.

Where? 3330 M St NW

Hudson and Crane

If you can’t find what you want at Hudson and Crane then the shop designers are willing to work with you to create a custom piece tailored to your needs. This one ranges from pretty expensive to pretty affordable so make sure to browse around a good bit when you go.

Where? 1781 Florida Ave NW

Miss Pixies Furnishings and Whatnot

Miss Pixies buys everything from auctions and estate sales. They don’t do consignment resales or buy items from individuals who come in.

You can keep up with them on facebook, Instagram, or twitter — they tend to post new items as they arrive, so you have a better chance of nabbing the good stuff before anyone else does. They are located in the heart of Mount Pleasant.

Where? 1626 14th St. NW

MouGoodWood Furniture DC

This one has been around since 1994 and they receive large shipments of secondhand furniture, rugs, and art every week. This one is another eclectic shop – you might find elaborately carved bongo drums, a midcentury-modern dresser, an industrial desk, a vintage armoire. They have more than just furniture but their collection is constantly changing so you might want to check it out as soon as possible!

Where? 1428 U St. NW

Mom N’ Pop Antiques

Words like “quirky” and “funky” do a good job of describing this store, which we swear it is larger on the inside than the outside. This is a place where you can attempt to haggle, as you explore it’s crevices in Columbia Heights.

Where? 3534 Georgia Ave NW


Don’t forget that unique items are donated to Goodwill retail centers every day! Just like with vintage and consignment shops, these

Where? Check out the huge Goodwill at 2200 South Dakota Ave NE

Get Something for Nothing

Don’t have tons of extra cash to put out for an authentic mid-century modern couch? Do you like to let fate decide your apartment style?

Check freecycle, a site where people can post things they are getting rid of; you just need to message them.

And also check out Craigslist “curb alerts” for the hottest free leads. People who are leaving a desk or a TV or a lamp outside will

Where? Everywhere

Outside of the City

So, there are a few awesome places to pick up some unique finds, but they aren’t technically in the city. You might need to drive a little north into Maryland or down into Virginia to take advantage of these spots, but believe us — they are worth it.

Peg Leg Vintage

This is one of the greats, folks. This little shop in College Park has practically amassed a cult following. Come here for seriously, and we mean seriously great pricing, much-loved owners, and pretty fantastic delivery (they have a flat delivery rate!)

Check out their hours and directions to their location.

Where? 9600 Baltimore Ave, College Park MD

Creative Classics

You know you’ve been wanting to take a trip to Old Town Alexandria anyway; might as well go ahead and check out the coolest furniture store there while you do. Creative Classics has been around since 1998 and what they focus on is furniture specially designed for townhome living, meaning it is smaller-scale and oriented towards taking full advantage of smaller spaces.

Where? 906 King St. Alexandria VA

The Market House

This one is another estate sale based business, where you can look through all of the special

Where? 490-C Wyaconda Rd, Rockville MD

Community Forklift

Are you ready for the real deal?

Most people are surprised by just how vast and varied the collection at Community Forklift is. This is the place you go when you want to find an antique door, carpet samples, slabs of granite, repurposed lumber — but also furniture, both thrift and true vintage.

If you have an upcoming home project you would never forgive us for forgetting to mention this special gem.

Where? 4671 Tanglewood Dr. in Hyattsville, Md

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