Pay it Forward: Volunteer Opportunities in Washington D.C.

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Get Active In Your Community!

Are you wondering what to do in your neighborhood? There is a lot of negative news out there crowding our brain cells.

We are here to talk about crowding your brain cells with positivity. Contributing to growth in your neighborhood can be an exciting and fun way to do this. But first it’s time for some inspiration!

Here’s a quote:

“Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in.”

Now hang on tight, get ready to play in the dirt, plant flowers, brush a horse’s maine, paint the rainbow, hang out with dogs, earn free tickets to theatrical performances around the city, and invigorate your mind through museum artistry.

Essentially you can become a kid again, contribute to the Washington D.C. community, meet some friends, and pay it forward – for free.

Washington D.C. is full of outdoor activities, but have you ever wondered about the magical nymphes and gnomes that keep it flourishing? (No way they are invisible.)

They are pretty amazing people who help out, and it’s mostly because they love nature, and love digging their hands into the ground with their family, friends, and community by their side.

You can become a part of that community too! Nature may not be for everyone, but the grass between your toes is said to heal all your woes, so here are some volunteer suggestions for all the nature birds.

Whether you want to put on your jeans and become a weed warrior or feel a horse nudge you with an extra large hug, head to Rock Creek Park and volunteer.

This park is swarming with nature and history that the city of Washington D.C. loves to keep alive. Hikers can hit the trails within the park to secure the paths that tell stories of Presidents who used to frequent, and residents who came and went.

Maybe you are looking for an innovative way to ground your kids this weekend and instill some good strong lessons within. Sign them up for the garbage clean up crew, it’s a sure way to break through- no phones allowed! (Can we really stop them? Maybe nature can.)

If you want to become a neighborhood superhero you can even create your own SOLVE (Sustaining our Lands with Volunteer Energy) group and contribute in a way that you think will be most substantial.

Explore the herbs, flowers, and laboratories that make up this incredible garden. You can volunteer within any of these sectors at the National Arboretum so get out there and become a nature scientist!

Learn about plants from around the globe, give them life with your very own hands, and get a better understanding of our lovely planet Earth.

You can get a group together and volunteer for 3-6 hours any day of the week just contact the center and get started!

Linger among the lily ponds at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens. Grab a kayak, flat boat, or canoe from the center and volunteer!

Have an awesome day nursing nature along in a way that enhances natural environments, conserves nature, and gives the animals a happy home.

Explore the DC waterfront while giving back to the environment, I mean really who can argue with that. Take a date, they are sure to be yours after an evening on the water worth working towards.

Hands on DC is working towards brighter schools for a better future. What better way to ensure the future of your city then through education?

Head there and see how you can help out, paint a mural on the walls, create compost for a school garden, and work on fundraising events that contribute to the education of Washington D.C.’s future citizens!

Ahh the arts, how wonderful to become a part of it all! And you can, head to the Kennedy Center find out how you can volunteer there.

And there’s a bonus if you put in 60 hours a year you get free tickets to any of their events! That’s only 1 hour a week of love for the arts in exchange for a free access pass to the whole shabang. Become an usher at the Tony Award®-winning Signature Theatre this year. All you have to do to get a view of these shows is show people to their seats, then you can sit back and watch the action.

“There is nothing like the buzz of live theatre. You put it out there and you receive an instant reaction: Laughing, crying, yelling, applauding.”

If you are more of an in-doors type of crowd, share your love of learning with the Smithsonian! You can head to any of their museums or even the Zoo to volunteer.

From castles to space there are endless opportunities being created every day at the museums across Washington D.C.

Get hip to the science and innovation that is happening right now, while learning about the spaces that brought us to where we are today.

Volunteer in DC Today

There are tons of opportunities around the city of Washington D.C. for you to play it forward. Get out there and help build a better city for tomorrow! Whether it be in a garden, picking up trash, painting schools, ushering theatre productions, hitting the Air and Space Museum or heading to the Zoo get out with your friends and make memories that last.

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.”

As you can see, there’s plenty of ways to give back. Make it easier to volunteer by moving to D.C.

Our apartments offer a quick commute to any volunteer opportunity you want to participate in. So come in and take a tour of your future home in Dupont Circle!

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