6 Healthy Ways to Destress in Your Apartment

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Taking advantage of the lifestyle DC has to offer comes with apartment living for many residents. Although it is not a permanent home, it is your home and finding ways to destress should be something you can do.  Activities such as kickboxing and extreme exercising are not ideal due to neighbors in close proximity, but there are some ways to destress that you can control and contain comfortably in your personal four walls. 

1. Aromatherapy

Our sense of smell is related to our emotions, which include stress. Aromatherapy is designed to shift your moods based on this sense, allowing you to destress and improve your mood. You can choose the smells that are most calming to you, and have them fill your apartment with a scent of relaxation. Choose from oil burners or oil diffusers. The most difficult part of this process is determining which scents are best for you and give you the level of calm that you need to beat that fast-paced DC lifestyle. 

2. Yoga, Anyone? 

While high-energy and high-impact exercises are not permitted in an apartment setting, something as low-impact as yoga will not inconvenience your neighbors. No one will be the wiser to your routine. Just grab your mat and find an open space in your living space. Your body will start to wind down from the stress of the day and take on a physical level of relaxation. Yoga will also keep you limber and improve circulation, allowing you to remain physically healthy and fit. 

3. Add Meditation to the List. 

Are you a fan of quiet places? If so, meditation may be one of the best ways to destress for you. Take a quiet corner in your apartment, either in your living space or in the corner next to your bed. Reserve this space for meditation only. Take a half-hour or longer to disconnect from the rest of the world and gather your inner thoughts. During this time, you may decide to take advantage of calming sounds such as nature sounds or the classic tunes from a piano.

This can also be your time of reflection or prayer if either of these things applies to you. Clear the drama and to-do list from your mind long enough to unwind and mentally withdraw for the day you had or prepare for the day ahead. 

4. Get Your Doodle On!


Does a round of paint or markers on a blank canvas allow you to draw out the stresses that daily life has brought on? If so, setting up an easel in your living room corner or a writing desk that tucks in will give you artistic ways to destress in your apartment. You can distance yourself from neighbors and technology while you take a few colors and create stress-free art designs.

In this corner, you can have a bundle of the supplies that you need, from paints and brushes to upscale markers and coloring pencils to boost your craft. Take an hour or two in the evenings to destress and decompress from work and the whirlwind that is DC. 

5. Let The Music Destress You

Do you own any old records? How about a vinyl player that your grandparents gave you when you visited them last? When the daily grind has been stressful and you need to decompress before you explode, turn on some of your favorite tunes and escape to a much happier era.

Even if you are not in the present company of a record player, a quick visit to the browser search bar will let you pull up a certain song or genre list of songs or relaxation music. Build yourself a playlist of your favorite tunes so that when you come in, you can turn on your music and combat stress on your terms. 

6. Stress Less When You Clean the Mess

Anytime we walk into a room of clutter, anxiety will naturally set in. Add a clutter-filled apartment on top of a stressful day and you have a recipe for disaster. Take the time once a week to give your apartment a cleaned and polished touch. The smell of cleaning solution, whether it be a citrus blend or more earthy fragrances, gives you peace of mind and relaxation. The tidiness and lack of clutter maintain a level of calmness so that when you enter after a long day, you do not have the additional stress of clutter.

Taking that hour or two to tidy up is in itself one of the best ways to destress. It gives many a form of therapy because they can escape work stress or drama and focus on what needs to be done. 

Takeaway These Tips…

Before you decide on one of these ways to destress, make sure that you keep a few things in mind. 

Lose the Technology

No matter which of these six ways you opt for, remember to leave your electronics and technology out of it. Disconnecting from the stress includes disconnecting from social media as well as the physical world for the time being. While the fun and vibrant lifestyle of DC is the place to be, sometimes it is critical to have a few moments a day or at least a few times a week to destress and give yourself a mental break. 

Choosing Ways to Destress Is Up To You

There is no wrong way to calm yourself and find your inner peace. What works for a friend may not be the solution for you. In your time of cutting stress, you are able to find yourself and gather a sense of individuality. Taking time for yourself and keeping yourself healthy is of the utmost importance for a balanced life. 

DC is the Place to Be!

The thriving life of DC is incredible for those looking for an endless supply of things to do. Many of the monuments and museums around the city come with no admission costs, making it affordable for a community thriving on a budget. Arts, history, and never-ending culture ensure you have fun at every turn. 

Get an Apartment You Will Enjoy!

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