Continuing Education in D.C.: Online Courses at University of the District of Columbia Community College

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Apartment life in D.C. can be an exceptional experience, because so many of the good things in life are right here. This city strives to provide everything its residents need to lead a fulfilling life, from its many arts and cultural opportunities to the variety of educational experiences available. 

University of the District of Columbia Community College (UDC-CC) is a valued part of the community where students can continue their education in pursuit of a formal degree or job certification, or simply satisfy their curiosity about a subject. 

This college’s location in Thomas Circle makes it easily accessible from many points in the city, especially for folks living in The Phoenix Apartments. It’s just 2 miles away, about a 20-minute walk or a two-minute ride. Continuing Ed. – UDC also has a campus located 1 block from the Connecticut House, and only a 10-minute walk from Sedgwick Gardens and The Rodman apartment building.

The college offers many courses online, so anyone can take advantage no matter where they live. This guide will serve as a resource to continuing education courses offered at UDC-CC.

Benefits of Continuing Your Education Online

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Going to college is a great experience, but it’s not for everyone. Some people have so many other responsibilities that finding time to take traditional classes is almost impossible. Enter online education. 

Taking UDC-CC classes online from another location has very few disadvantages. It can help many busy people fit education into their lives who aren’t able to get to campus, but it has a slew of other benefits, including:

  • Easier to achieve school-life balance
  • Provides more free time than traditional courses
  • Less interference with your employment
  • Easier for some people to focus in online classes

Taking classes online also increases technical skills, reduces your carbon footprint, and is considerably less expensive. 

District of Columbia Community College Online Courses

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UDC-CC offers access to hundreds of classes in a wide variety of study courses, from accounting to health care and language arts. There are also many career-oriented certificate courses designed to help employees gain a cutting edge at work. 

Online classes offer a chance to feed your dream future wherever there’s a computer and an internet connection. Here are the different routes you can take to an online education at UDC-CC.

Industry Certifications and Training

Certificate courses and career-related training are different from college degree programs, although both offer education in a specific line of study. Certificate courses are shorter, generally less than a year, and are skill-focused rather than teaching a full curriculum. 

Employers search for candidates with specific skills, not necessarily a degree. HR managers will often hire someone with a specific certified skill – such as a certified welder or an IT specialist who is a Cisco Certified Internet Engineer (CCIE) – before someone with no practical experience and a four-year degree. A person with a recent certification also possesses current industry knowledge. 

It costs less to get a certification than a college degree, making it a fiscally smart decision for learners on a budget. A lot of the costs of college degrees are hidden, such as gas, lodging, and food. Certifications can still be pricey, but they’re at least five times cheaper than typical costs associated with a four-year degree. 

Certification courses at UDC-CC include:

  • Certified Administrative Professional
  • Certified Bookkeeper
  • Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA)
  • Online CompTIA A+ Training Course
  • CompTIA Network+ Certification Training
  • HVAC/R Technician
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training Course
  • Online Medical Billing and Coding Training
  • Online Pharmacy Technician Course

Getting certified for a particular skill can garner a raise and a better position at work, particularly if it doesn’t interfere with work. It’s hard to find an employer that will grant a two to four-year leave of absence to fulfill an associate’s or bachelor’s degree requirements. It makes a lot more sense and can provide faster income increases to get certified in high-demand training for a particular employer. 

College Degree Classes

Those pursuing or currently engaged in a long-term career in a professional industry can benefit the most from a college degree. Anyone with a gnawing interest in any subject, however, can find rewards in earning a degree from UDC-CC. 

College courses cover a far greater spectrum of a subject than just one work-related task. The goal is getting a well-rounded education in a chosen industry. It requires a series of core classes in conjunction with a selection of major-specific courses to graduate with a college degree. 

Working toward a college degree allows students to explore other areas of study that can broaden their approach and worldview. It also helps prepare employees when switching careers. The broader range of study necessitates a higher cost and more significant time commitment than certification courses. UDC-CC offers college courses in fields such as:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Business
  • College Readiness
  • Computer Applications
  • Design and Composition
  • Health Care and Medical
  • Language and Arts 
  • Law and Legal
  • Personal Development
  • Teaching and Education Classroom
  • Technology
  • Writing and Publishing

People with college degrees earn as much as 56% more than those with a high school diploma and have 57 % more job opportunities. Statistics like these make the investment in time and money worthwhile for many people. 

Online classes at the University of the District of Columbia Community College can boost your career, income, and self-esteem. They provide online workforce development programs, career planning services, and other academic routes to help local apartment dwellers expand their lives and careers. 

Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Studies

Georgetown University has a wide range of programs, courses, and certifications. From flexible online options, nights, weekends all in addition to daytime programs, you can earn professional degrees, a certification all at a state of the art facility with great resources. Their campus is very accessible in the heart of D.C. GW is not far from Circle Arms

Find a D.C. Apartment That’s Perfect for Student Life

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