9 Interesting Workouts In DC

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Fun and Unique Fitness Opportunities

How long have you been going to your local gym? Have you seen everyone there so many times that it feels like you all know each other?

If you are lucky enough to live in a DC apartment with a free gym for you to use then, of course, we are not suggesting that you abandon it completely.

What we are suggesting is that you get out there, switch things up, live a little! Try a workout that you’ve never done before while exploring your city at the same time. Grab a friend, make it a fun time, and learn something new!

All of these workouts are in the city, most of the accessible my metro, each of them with their own special charm. Time to break out a good sweat!

Axe Throwing

Time to give your inner lumberjack a chance to shine!

Attendees of these classes report it being cathartic, and the popularity of the activity has grown such that there is now a whole studio for it in the nation’s capital: Bad Axe Throwing, a chance to get properly trained before unleashing your new skills in their competitions. Yes! They host competitions!

$20/hour for walk-ins, $45/person for group bookings.

Where? 2419 Evarts St. NE


Trapeze is one of the most fun ways to get a workout that doesn’t feel like a workout. It feels like a high-stakes adrenaline-fueled adventure and gives you a huge sense of pride after having done it.

The Trapeze School New York’s DC location offers 2-hour classes 7 days a week at times that can fit into anybody’s busy schedule. Classes range in cost but you can expect to pay somewhere around $50 per session.

Their tagline? “Forget Fear. Worry About the Addiction.”

Where? The Navy Yard! 1299 New Jersey Avenue SE


Don’t let the ease of trained ballerinas fool you. Their exercise routines are not for the faint of heart. These classes are really a mixture of ballet, yoga, and pilates, and they are designed to develop lean muscle, make you more flexible, and strengthen your core.

At least you don’t have to wear any of those brutal ballet slippers!

The three main studios in DC that offer Barre classes are Barre 3, Bar Method, and Pure Barre. Costs change per studio.

Aqua Cycling

Ready to give up on SoulCycle but don’t want to give up on your hips, thighs, and core? Maybe it’s time to try SplashCycle, a spinning class where the bikes are, believe it or not, underwater. People report this to be the place to go if you want rock-hard thighs!

Classes range from $20-$30 depending on when you go in.

Where? 2015 Massachusetts Ave NW. (It’s on the rooftop pool of the Embassy Row Hotel! Try to resist going to the bar after…)

Be A Rockstar

Ever been to a rock concert where you watched the drummer and thought “they must be getting a great workout up there.” Well, first of all, you’re right. They are! But now, you can too.

At the Balance Gym on 14th St. you can take the Pound class, which is supposed to combine cardio, pilates, plyometrics and isometric poses along with offering you a chance to jam out with weighted drum sticks to help sculpt your less-used arm muscles.

We can’t promise you will actually learn to drum from this class! We can only promise you will be very sweaty by the time it’s done. Pricing not listed online!

Where? Balance Gym 1111 14th St. NW


Parkour is the perfect exercise for someone who loves action movies and daydreams about having superpowers. If you are that kind of person, you might already be getting bored of your normal gym anyways.

Primal Fitness is a gym in DC dedicated to getting you in touch with this wild part of yourself in an environment built for just that, kind of like a huge playground for agile adults.

You can drop in on a class for $20, take 12 classes over 4 weeks for $90, or get a membership starting at $70/month.

Where? Primal Fitness, 219 M St. NW

Warm Your Bones Run Club

Want to go for a nice jog with a group who like to run….in a cemetery?

Sometimes a change of scene is really all you need! Something about running in an old cemetery can be calming and restorative, and running along with others who appreciate the peace and serenity can sometimes add to it.

Check their website for meeting times and updates!

Where? Congressional Cemetary Chapel, 1801 E St SE


Yup, you read that right. Not for everyone, of course, but if you are bored of doing the same thing at the gym every day and you are up for an adventure, consider trying this one out.

Classes are usually about $20 and the instructor (also studio owner) Michaela is supposed to make everyone feel super comfortable — she’ll have you laughing and enjoying yourself in no time!

Check the website and reach out to her about class times, which are always changing, and see what else they offer!

Where? 617 Rhode Island Ave NE, Suite A

Come Sail Away

Actually, while this class is right on the Wharf, it doesn’t actually take you out onto the water. This is DC Row, a studio where you can learn with fun young instructors who encourage you to push yourself on rowing machines to get the full-body workout you’ve been needing!

One class is usually $35, though they do have a two-for-one offer for first-timers!

Where? 790 Maine Ave SW

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