6 Tips to Create a Healthy Daily Routine

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Today’s world can seem overwhelming, hitting many of us with an ever-growing to-do list. Tasks like working, exercising, and getting enough sleep can create a demanding schedule, even for the most energetic of people. So what’s the secret to balancing it all and creating a healthy lifestyle? 

It may be surprising, but there’s no superhuman feat of sorcery involved. It’s about the little things you do every day – your daily routine. Forming healthy habits for your sleep, diet, and exercise is linked with increases in physical and mental health, and with a greater ability to cope with life problems or stress. This guide will walk you through the benefits of creating a healthy daily routine and how to develop one that works for you.

Why You Should Have a Daily Routine

Healthy Exercise

Having a routine helps create structure in your day. This approach also reduces the likelihood of reliance on willpower and motivation, which psychologists and other experts agree are finite and fleeting resources that set you up for failure. Here are a few more reasons to have a daily routine:

To Help You Reclaim Your Time

Those struggling to deal with a life in constant chaos might find that a routine can help sort through the madness. Having one will help you organize your day and prioritize tasks – and perhaps even delegate some. 

To Improve Your Sleep

Woman with good sleep

It’s believed that as many as 70% of Americans struggle with sleep difficulties. Going to bed and waking up at the same time each day can improve sleep, which will leave you refreshed, renewed, and geared to be more relaxed and productive. 

To Lower Stress Levels

Those facing a lot of daily decisions know how stress-inducing that can be. Doing away with as much decision-making as you can by having a routine alleviates some of that stress. Even decisions about what to wear can be draining, which is why Steve Jobs wore pretty much the same clothes every day. A daily routine will help prepare you for success and lower your stress levels. 

It may take time to develop healthy habits, but an efficient, healthy daily routine is actually a timesaver. It’s worth exploring how to set a routine that makes sense for you and your life.

Tips to Create a Successful Daily Routine

Healthy & Nutritious Daily Routine

It’s important to remember when crafting your daily routine that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to doing this. You should customize it to fit your lifestyle and needs. Keep in mind that creating new habits takes time, though, so be gentle with yourself. It’s about progress, not perfection. Below are some actionable tips to help you start creating a consistent routine.

1. Stop Scrolling in the Morning 

How you start your morning sets the tone for the day. Once you grab the phone and start scrolling, you’re likely to get sucked into other people’s requests, needs, or stories instead of spending your morning centering yourself and preparing for your day ahead.  

2.  Start Small

Trying to overhaul your entire day at once is setting yourself up for failure. Start with a small change, such as ignoring your phone before breakfast or drinking a glass of water immediately upon waking. Then keep adding to that gradually and watch your helpful habits stack up. 

3.  Keep It Simple 

Too many options can create analysis paralysis and decision fatigue. Removing some variables can help you create a more efficient routine if you regularly have a hard time planning outfits or what to eat for dinner. You might try making a system with a reduced wardrobe or have a themed menu for each day of the week to eliminate some of the stress of decision-making. You could also try keeping a rotation of your favorite five meals or outfits on hand. Too many options create unnecessary stress, so keep it simple.

4.  Make Helpful Swaps or Additions

Rather than eliminating unhelpful habits, focus on replacing them or adding to them with something that serves you well. Those working on health and fitness goals might aim to replace their afternoon snack of potato chips with an apple, for instance, but it might be an easier transition to add something healthy along with your chips. Another example is to replace your soda with a glass of water occasionally. These small swaps or additions mean you’re already making gradual but sustainable changes that will help build positive momentum. 

5.  Incorporate Movement

Too much sitting is harmful to your health, and society has become more sedentary in recent years. Everyone’s day looks different, but all healthy daily routines will include some movement. Find something you enjoy, and find a way to do it every day, even if it’s only for 10 minutes. Don’t let all-or-nothing thinking lead you to believe that you have to do 30 minutes or an hour of exercise for it to count.

6.  Incorporate Mindfulness

Most people think of mindfulness in terms of Buddhist monks meditating in silence in a monastery. Meditation is not just for monks, though; it’s a nonreligious practice with many benefits, including lowering blood pressure, reducing pain, improving sleep, and reducing stress. Learning to cultivate mindfulness is essentially learning to be in the present moment. You can practice it by being fully tuned in and present while you’re eating, walking, or even enjoying listening to ambient music.

Woman Meditation

The benefits of having a healthy daily routine are numerous, and once you start seeing the difference in your lifestyle, you’ll be happy you made the changes. Another key piece of a healthy lifestyle is finding a place to live that makes it possible, because a community that embraces your approach to wellness is the best reinforcement. 

Let Our Community Be Part of Your Wellness Routine

We believe in a holistic approach to apartment living. That’s why our communities offer amenities that can help you create your ideal daily routine. 

Private personal training and personalized nutrition plans are also available for additional fees. Contact our team today to find out how living in one of our communities can help you simplify your wellness routine and reach your goals.

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