Decorating Your New DC Apartment

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Start Your New Space Off Right

So, you are in the process of finding an apartment, moving in, and setting up your life in a new neighborhood. Awesome, let’s get started and get to the fun part: decorating!

Moving to DC? Let us help you out.

Color choices for apartment design in Washington, DC

Begin with Your Color Choice

One of the biggest dilemmas we can have when moving into a new apartment in DC is what color scheme am I going to go with? Unless you already have something in mind, like a rich jewel-toned theme or a primary color concoction, your choices basically boil down to two choices: monochromatic and controlled OR colorful and wild.

Monochromatic and Neutral

Okay, the beigey-nude-tan-camel tones are definitely cool right now, and the black-white-grey look is basically always in, so one of these palettes is a safe route. It’s usually easy to find furniture in neutral colors, and they can make your home feel calm and elegant.

One colorful piece of wall art can make an even bigger statement in a neutral room too, meaning you can still have pops of color that expand your space and create a sense of movement through your rooms.

This one might feel a bit boring from time to time though.

Colorful and Wild

You can also choose to let yourself gather the colors that speak to you and have a more eclectic feel to your space. This is a great way to keep your home high-energy, to express the jazzy side of your personality.

You may find yourself spending more money on your space because you feel free to just fill it up with knick-knacks. Your space may feel less than calm or a bit cluttered at times.

Pro Tip: Check in with your apartment management company to make sure you can paint your walls before jumping the gun. With us, you can!

Colorful room decor in Washington, DC

Apartment Plant & Art Ideas

Don’t be afraid to take your decoration into your own hands! While there are tons of ways to find the furniture and decor you need in the city, you might be looking for that special something to set your new home apart.

woman painting on canvas


Paint Your Own “Big” Piece

You know what colors you want in your space, you know how you want the space to feel, and you know what kind of art you are looking for. Kind of seems like you are the one who is most qualified to make your own art.

This can be a bit overwhelming if you have never made much art, but don’t get too scared yet. All you need is some kind of canvas, the paint, and some images to use for inspiration.

You can use a slab of wood and just Jackson Pollock the heck out of it, or you could find yourself a big white canvas and put big streaks of colors you love on it before letting your dog walk on it with painted paws. It will be personal and visually interesting. Put it in the center of the room to maximize the effect.

The best part? It isn’t permanent. You can take it down anytime.

Special Touches

Minimalist line art can evoke plenty of emotion and create a sense of quiet elegance anywhere it goes.

Try buying frames in a few different sizes from a dollar store or thrift store. Consider spray painting them gold, silver, copper (or any color) to fit in with your space. Then print out or draw simple art and put it up.

You don’t have to be a good artist to do this! Treat your creations the way you would treat serious art and see how they elevate the space.

Placing the finishing touches on a painting

Spice it up With The Following Visual Hacks

Do you still have space in your apartment that just feels too empty? Consider these tried-and-true pieces and let yourself feel great about having people over!


Everyone knows that plants can brighten a space. They are proven to be good for you as well! Not sure where to find the one that’s right for you? Check out this guide to buying plants in DC and make your space more cheery for spring and summer!

House plants for DC house


A large mirror, either wall-mounted or free-standing, can add a special something to a room. If it has a gold-leaf frame or unique design then all the better. If you position it right it can reflect the light from your windows, expanding the sense of space in the room while also brightening it up.


This is another one you can make yourself or buy online. A small loom is pretty affordable and picking out yarn can be a very relaxing errand. These often come in calm, soothing colors and can go nicely with neutral furniture.

Weaving for furniture in DC homes

Let Organization Be Your Decoration

Not enough closet space to store everything comfortably? Considering displaying your storage in a way that adds something chic to the atmosphere.

If you have an empty wall and a cute jacket or hat that you love to wear, why not put up some hooks and let your favorite pieces decorate your space?

Instruments like guitars also look great on a wall, same with bikes. Anything you put on a wall can be treated as art and gives you more floor space for the important stuff.

That clothing rack that is oh-so-fashionable right now doesn’t have to hide away in your room. If you don’t have a closet near your front door you can always hang things from a rack (or make your own rack that hangs on the wall) and display your coats and scarves while storing them out in the open.

Same goes for shoe storage — you can find shelves that work for you (or paint them if you need to) and store your shoes right out in the open.

Organized home as a design in a DC Home

Make It “You”

Following decor trends can sometimes feel a bit impersonal. The real fun of decorating is finding those key pieces and arranging them until you’ve struck a balance works for you.

Your space should excite you! Time to get started!

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