7 Unusual Things to Do in D.C.

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Washington, D.C., has so many fun places that you can live in the city a lifetime and not discover them all. The city offers some of the world’s best museums and dining, but it also has a lot of hidden gems off the beaten path. 

Residents and tourists alike might be interested in something fun and a little quirky to do in the District. Those tired of their current haunts and searching for a new place to explore, or trying to find interesting activities to entertain guests, will find inspiration in this guide. Check out these seven unusual things to do in D.C.

D.C. Ghost Tours

D.C. Ghost Tours

Take a nighttime walk through the city, led by a tour guide in Victorian dress and character. D.C. Ghost Tours hosts events in the Capital Park or Lafayette Park areas. You get to learn all about the spooky side of D.C. and take an interesting look at the city’s past. 

You can walk to the Lafayette Park Tour from The Phoenix — the park is about half a mile away. You can also walk from the Circle Arms Apartments, which are 0.7 miles from the park. The Capitol Hill ghost tour is about 3 miles from each of these apartments.

Trapeze School

The Trapeze School of New York offers lessons in D.C. on this classic circus activity. Learn how to grab the rings and float above the crowds. The completely safe classes at this school are perfect for people of all skill levels, and in addition to being fun, they give you a great workout. 

You’ll have to drive to the Trapeze School from most apartments, but this gem is worth a short trek. It sits just 4 miles from the Circle Arms Apartments and 7 miles from the Prince George’s Apartments.

The Barbie Pond on Avenue Q

Barbie Pond Avenue

The Barbie Pond is a privately owned pond that has blown up on Instagram in recent years. The owner of this home started dressing up Barbies and placing them around his pond, and it became a sensation. He changes their costumes and the display regularly, so you may want to swing by more than once. 

This photo-worthy site is just a short walk from several of our apartments. You can reach the pond with about a three-minute walk from the Sixteen Hundred Apartments, and it’s only about half a mile (10-minute walk) from 1830R Street Apartments and the Phoenix

Horseback Riding at Rock Creek Park

Did you know you can ride horses in D.C.? The Rock Creek Park Horse Center is the only public riding facility in the city, and when riding a horse through the 13+ miles of trails in this park, you’ll feel like you’re out in the country. The facility offers lessons and trail rides, and it hosts camps for youths and teens. 

This opportunity is one of the most fun things to do in D.C., and there are several of our locations near beautiful Rock Creek Park. The stables sit about 2 miles from the Connecticut House and the Crestwood Apartments, and they are just under 3 miles from The Vintage on 16th. Most of the walks from these locations are through the park, so you can soak up some nature even before you mount your steed. 

The Descendant of Newton’s Apple Tree

The famous apple tree that allegedly inspired Isaac Newton to develop the theory of gravity has a descendant in D.C. This apple tree was created from a trimming taken from that famous tree, and it’s a fun place to visit if you want to ponder this monumental discovery. 

The tree sits in International Park, between the embassies of Bahrain and Singapore, and it’s just steps from the Connecticut House Apartments. Joggers and walkers who live in this location will reach the tree in about 0.6 miles. 

Ivy City

Ivy City

Ivy City is the unofficial brewery and distillery section of the city. This area is the perfect destination if you want to relax and enjoy some freshly produced local beer and spirits. Breweries include 3 Stars, Atlas, Bluejacket, DC Brau, and Right Proper. There are also options for cider lovers at Anxo, Capital Cider House, and Supreme Core. New Columbia Distillers makes a highly regarded gin, while One Eight Distilling produces flavorful ryes and bourbons. This is not an exhaustive list of options, and you may want to spend several afternoons exploring Ivy City to really get a taste for the place. 

You’ll need to plan transportation to this area unless you’re up for a hike or want to kick off your day of tasting with a jog. Ivy City sits approximately 4 miles from The Vintage on 16th and the Prince George’s Apartments. It’s also about 5 miles from Chillum Terrace. Make sure to arrange transportation if you plan to drink in Ivy City.

Neon Bathrooms

Restaurant bathrooms don’t often make the list of things to do in D.C., but those at Oki Bowl DC are an exception. Head to this restaurant for the tasty ramen, then check out the restrooms for an unparalleled visual experience. 

These lively spaces are an installation art piece created by local artist Wirat Assawamahasakda, and they mimic the feel of a nightclub. One features an underwater theme while the other takes you into a fairytale land. The Archer, the Circle Arms, and the 1830 R Apartments are all just under 1.5 miles from this fun spot.

Washington, D.C., is home to many historic places and beloved monuments, but sometimes it’s fun to explore the other side of things. It’s just one more reason why D.C. is such a great place to live.

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