5 Ways to Hack Your Apartment for Productivity

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Let's Get Stuff Done in Your Apartment

Whether you work from home full time, have a side gig you need to take more seriously, or you just want to feel on top of your life, let’s turn your apartment to a place where stuff gets done.  

1. Declutter Instead of Clean

girl looking through her closet

Declutter, then declutter some more, then declutter again.   


When your place is a mess you don’t wake up in the morning and think like a CEO who can change the world, you think like a college kid who avoids calling their mom because you are behind on your homework.

It has been proven that having a cluttered and messy home can have a direct impact on your mood, making you more stressed and antisocial.

The trick, as anyone who has heard of Mari Kondo knows, is just to save yourself a headache and get rid of that which adds no value.

Think: Does the spark joy? 

If you can’t bear to get rid of your precious collection of porcelain flamingos or World of Warcraft action figures, at least make sure there is a place for everything that does matter in your daily life.

But the best part about making a habit of keeping your home decluttered and organized is that it’s a habit. Make it a habit of getting rid of your excess and you’ll become addicted; you’ll start to want to clear up and clear out once a month or so. And the feeling of coming home to a clean space can be pretty addictive as well.

2. Dream it, Write it, DO IT (You Got This)

Dedicate one part of your space to being a “check-in panel,” or a one-stop station you can go to that holds an up-to-date wall calendar, a place for bills (paid and unpaid), grocery lists, maybe even a printed spreadsheet of your monthly budget (with what you’ve spent so far crossed off!)

You can really put whatever you want up there, but what is most important is that it is accessible, as in not blocked off by any furniture.

Want to go one step further?

Keep a list of your serious goals up there too.

Force yourself to go to your control panel every morning when you drink your coffee and force yourself to read those goals and look over your calendar and budget.

Maybe write down your daily goals while you are there.

Once you get used to treating your check-in panel as a place to ask yourself how you are and keep your life in balance you will feel much more empowered to take on other parts of your life and much less overwhelmed by what’s on your plate.

3. Your Desk: An Altar Dedicated to Your Success

How you think of your desk matters. If you don’t need a desk that’s okay — all you need is a dedicated workspace, like one end of your kitchen table or even your coffee table, where when things get done.

Having a desk is great though! Even if it’s just a slab of wood propped up on two filing cabinets, you’ve got what you need to succeed.

(Furnishing your apartment on a budget? We’ve got you covered.) But we are talking about optimization here.

What does having a desk matter if it’s just out there in the comer, sitting under piles of stuff that you toss over to “deal with later”?

Treat Your Desk With Respect (Namaste)

It all comes down to how you treat it.

If you treat your desk like it’s a magic portal that connects you with your best self, guess what?

It will start to play that role in your life.

And while you’re at it, add some plants to your workspace. 

If you treat it like the first stop old papers take on the route to the recycling bin then guess what?

That’s also the role it will play in your life.

Make your workspace a central focus of the room it’s in; don’t hide it out of sight!

Find a work of art and maybe some token that get you to think of your own success and potential.

Put that art and that token on the desk and nothing else, at least for starters.

Treat your desk like it’s the doorway to getting what you want at your job, or the place where all of your awesome ideas get a chance to come into reality.

See what happens.

Organize your apartment to look the way you want to feel.

Better yet, rent from an apartment that makes you feel fantastic!

Pick up the phone and get an apartment in DC today, your dream space is waiting! 

4. Color is Your Friend

Space planning is one thing, but what about vibe planning?

Colors and the way that you use them can change the whole feel of your space.

But that’s not to say you should consign yourself to a sterile and professional interior just to feel productive at home.

Quite the opposite — you can use color to keep your inspiration going!

A Design That Pops

Try using certain colors in your workspace that are different from the rest of the house and that really help signal to your mind that this space has a different energy.

Maybe your house is full of beige or neutral colors.

Try adding a serious pop of color near your workspace.

Make your check-in panel well… you!

A hub for vitality, a place where life flows in your apartment.

You may already have a sense of flow with your pops of color (throw pillows, wall art, quirky knick-knacks) that tie your space together.

Have you considered putting a dramatic piece above your desk?

Clear your mind, and get some cool ideas from the National Gallery of Art.

Signal how important that part of the room is and add a certain gravity to what goes on there.

Our beautiful spaces come in all shapes and colors, and we make sure there’s an apartment for every personality.

Get in touch to get a space that looks and feels like you.

5. The Productivity Mindset for Your Apartment

Your apartment has the potential to be the place you feel refreshed, clear-minded, and able to take on the world.

The trick is to see it like that first and then arrange your space to fit that vision second.


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