8 Reasons to Discover Art at the Reach

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If you’re an art buff, you’re in luck. 

Washington, DC, happens to be home to some of the best art, history, and creativity that you will find on the planet. Most recently, the Kennedy Center expanded its offerings to include The Reach — an art experience like none other. 

This gives you cause to book a flight to check it out, or even consider relocating to our nation’s capital. There are several reasons to discover art in DC, including the following below. 

Reasons to Discover Art at The Reach

So why should you book a trip to check out The Reach?

The Reach at the Kennedy Center opened with a bang Sept. 7, where the venue held a creative opening festival that lasted for 16 days. Here’s what you get when you stop by:

1. You Get a Sense of History and Culture

When you visit the monuments and galleries at The Reach, you are exposing yourself to an abundance of history and culture that you just can’t get elsewhere. 

This is a live theater of art and culture that celebrates history and diversity. The facilities and offerings are state of the art and give you an authentic glimpse into just how creative human beings can be. 

2. The Gallery Makes Use of Shapes and Optical Illusions

When you visit The Reach, you are also getting a visual experience like none other. The facility is crafted in a way that makes use of exciting and unique design principles. 

It features a number of shapes and optical illusions that make visiting it in person a once and a lifetime experience. 

3. It Doubles as a Wonderful Performance Arts Center

In addition to art pieces and galleries, The Reach is home to performing arts that are dazzling and creative. 

This includes a 130,000 square foot green roof and garden, an outdoor video wall, and plenty of spaces for plays, presentations, and classes. Whether you are someone who appreciates art or participates in it, The Reach has something that you will enjoy. 

4. The Museum is Kid-Friendly

You don’t have to worry about finding a babysitter, because the attractions at The Reach are incredibly kid-friendly. 

In fact, this is a great time to expose your kids to art, history, and educational experience that they won’t get with a typical field trip. With the expansion of the Kennedy Center, you can expect schools from all over the country to travel to Washington, DC, to explore these new digs and take in performances and art exhibits. 

5. It’s Set in the Heart of Washington DC.

Of course, you can’t go wrong exploring art at The Reach because it’s set in the heart of Washington, DC

When you visit The Reach, you can also check out nearby attractions like the Smithsonian, the Capitol, and the Washington Monument. You will find that the entire city is filled with history and significance, and will be a treat to explore. 

If you are staying overnight, you also can check out sporting events and musical performances throughout the city. Be sure to check the hours of operations of any nearby attractions so that you can make an entire trip of it. 

6. There are Several Art Showings and Events

Be sure to check the schedule of any events and art showings happening at the Kennedy Center and The Reach. 

You can take a look at the calendar to get a feel for what seasonal events are taking place, and what plays or performances you can stop by and check out. Make sure that you look into tickets and season passes so that you and the whole family can enjoy and catch a great deal. 

7. The Setup is Immaculate

Attention to detail is everything when it comes to the Kennedy Center expansion. This is a world-renowned attraction and project that people from all over the globe will come to check out.

As such, it’s only right that the builders and architects took their time to add bells and whistles that make it a site worth visiting. In addition to lush greenery and modern, creative architecture, The Reach includes a beautiful pedestrian bridge. The bridge connects to the Potomac Parkway, in addition to art and meeting spaces that allow for events, weddings, meeting spaces, and creative collaborations. 

This expansion has a little bit of something for everyone, regardless of what you enjoy. 

8. There are Art Pieces of All Kinds to Enjoy

Though the extension just opened, keep in mind that this is only the beginning. The Reach expansion is a nearly $200 million project that is as much an investment into the arts and humanity as it is the Washington, DC area. 

As such, you can expect to see plenty of brand new art pieces and additions as time goes on, so you can never feel like any two visits are the same. You’ll be able to keep visiting this center for years and never get tired of it, as your appreciation for the arts continues to grow. 

Get Your Fill of Art at the Reach

When you want to do what’s best for your appreciation of the arts and the city of Washington, DC, as a whole, you can’t go wrong, placing a visit to The Reach. This Kennedy Center expansion is next in a line of improvements throughout the year that you will be happy to explore and see for yourself. 

This expansion gives you several reasons to discover art, so be sure to make a trip of it. 

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